Marc Joseph is an online ecommerce store with point of sale system which is designed for sale of clothes and fashion accessories.


Buy and sale of products online
Profile management
Online Store Management
Help other users
Product managements
Website Management
Orders and shipping management
Barcode Scanning


The client wanted maintenance of his online store. He asked for features like admin area, user creation, products management, inventory management, multiple POS integration and hardware integration like printer and barcode scanner.

We did

In order to make the project a success, we researched all the latest tools and services available in ecommerce stores and implemented them all in the client’s store.


The client wanted to integrate POS system where the end user can attach a POS device and make payments directly from the computer. This feature was quite unique and needed good market analysis to implement because of various security risks.

  1. The client wanted the Admin account to be able to create multiple admin accounts.
  2. Both guest users and registered users could make transactions
  3. Printer, Cash register and barcode scanner integration.


We provided the best in class solution to the client so that he can achieve a cutting edge against his competitors. We had multiple discussion and debate sessions with experts so that the requirements of the client are better fulfilled.


The target audience is the user who likes to buy clothes and fashion accessories online. There is no age restriction to access the website.


We have resolved all the queries of the client and he is happy with the final product and now his business is booming in the market.