My school square is a platform where the teachers can easily share their knowledge on a subject with the students. The students can also ask questions and teachers can answer them from anywhere and anytime.


Registration from Admin
Account Login
Question selection by teachers
Grade allotment
Multiple Languages
Easy Workflow


The client wanted a platform where the teachers and students can come together and share knowledge in a fun and easy to understand way.

The client wanted multiple types of users who will have different types of access to the mobile app.

We did

We designed a simple and easy workflow which made the app convenient to use. We also added a feature where the app would still work in absence of internet connection.


The client wanted his app to support multiple languages and users of one language could access the data in other language also. This was a bit complex but it was easily delivered by our team.

Other Challenges

  1. Teacher User should be able to answer in multiple languages
  2. Questions should be arranged according to the grade of students.
  3. Teacher should be able to choose which grade questions she wants to answer.


We synchronized the api requests and the data will be downloaded from the server when it is specially needed.


This app is developed for Teachers and Students to make the learning process more easy and fun for the students.


When the application was launched, it came out as a big hit. The client was pleased as he got what he wanted.