Two Sides of the Same Coin

Cloud and BigData is where IoT come into play. We understand how critical it is to manage data properly in order to sustain lead in the market. We transform your processes, services and products using data on cloud through analysis.

  • Enterprise Data

    Connecting variety of semi-structured and unstructured data types residing in content repositories to embrace enterprises for CRM systems, Transactions and ERP.

  • Sensor-Generated Data

    Data collected from IoT devices, Various sensors from industrial equipment, connected appliances and control systems for better management of business.

  • Social Data

    Collect and store data to support your business expansion and better understanding of user behavior by analyzing Social Media footprint and data.

Big Data Services

Collect and store data to support your business expansion and better understanding of user behavior by analyzing Social Media footprint and data.


Working with you on every step of the way to identify each component and field. Ensure achievement of goals and growth with effective collaboration of Big Data Solutions.

Data Science

Simplicity is the key to brilliance. Work with our highly creative design team to create outstanding designs incorporating the latest UI and UX trends.

Data Engineering

Building an architecture that support big databases and extract value from that data.

Big Data Services

24X7 maintenance and support along with Training to your team members both on Cloud on Server side BigData.


From Google Analytics to stored enterprise data analysis, we breathe sense in your data with our skills.


Understanding and reporting trends, series and information both visually and architecturally.

End-to-End Cloud Technology Services and Solutions

We are experienced in delivering solutions and services in cloud technology. We work with every cloud platform whether its AWS, RockSpace, Azure or OpenStack to build solutions for Public/ Private and Hybrid cloud environments.

We help our clients identify and strategize components that can work and integrate with cloud platforms in their websites or application and software. i-verve builds cloud-first applications from strategy to deployment and anything in between. Our cloud solutions are designed to scale quickly and reliably to optimize the usage of cloud technology for:


  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Selection
  • Concept Assessment


  • Application Development
  • App Testing and Integration
  • Application Deployment


  • App Management
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Continuous Support

World on Cloud

Very soon the world will be on cloud, well not literally but digitally. With this in mind, we create cloud solutions using third party or private cloud platforms to provide faster results as per your business needs.


Cloud Storage

We provide services for cloud backup and storage. Our services are designed for Scalable, resilient, high-performing object storage and databases for your applications. We can provide services on your current infrastructure or a third party cloud platform. We also provide data warehousing, data mining and network storage services on clouds for various industries like:

Cloud Storage Private
Cloud Storage Hybrid
Cloud Storage Public

Cloud Migration

We provide secure, seamless and rapid migration of new and legacy applications to the cloud. We help in modifying the code of existing software and implementing data integration connectors. We help our customers in migrating servers, databases and applications on cloud environments to take advantage of scalability, cost savings and flexibility of cloud computing.

Cloud Integration

Integrate Apps, Data and Devices using cloud to drive digital transformation and generate desired business results. Provide Hybrid integration for your native cloud and enterprise applications. Enable data delivery without boundaries and platforms by connecting applications and software across ecosystems.

Flexible engagement models

We understand the changing business scenarios and requirements. Therefore, we have customizable and convenient engagement models you can choose from. If you want to pay a Fixed price for your development cost, you want to pay by hours for development work or want a dedicated development team for a project or switching between these options. We can customize them according to your needs without delay and hassle. Isn’t it conveniently fantastic!

Price Modal
Looking for customized cloud solutions? Not a problem.
Want a Free Consultation for BigData and Cloud projects?

Want to improve your customer and user experience?

Take a look at our service offering.


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