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Mobile apps are an amazing tool to make things easier, faster and more interesting. An interactive app has the power to make your customer enchanted and addicted to your app. Mobile apps help you to better serve your customer which in turn increases your business. The businesses that have offered good services through their apps have seen considerable growth in their business within a short period of time.

APP cost

How much does an APP cost??

Cost of an app is the most common question that app developers like us get and we usually answer it with “it depends”. So the next thing you might wanna ask is “on what?” and the answer to that depends on complexity of the app, time and resources required to develop it, third party integration, its uniqueness and so on. So if you have a doubt, feel free to give a shout to us.

Tools and Technology We Use to Develop Apps

Tools and Technology We Use to Develop Apps

Tools and technologies we use to Develop Apps

We constantly try to make more and more robust and secure. For that, we use an unique blend of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We also have a good grip over Eclipse, OpenGL, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, Appcelerator Titanium, iCloud and Amazon web services.

Technologies used in native app development

We build user-engaging native apps for all major platforms with smart application of technology which allows us to deliver great user experience. We understand that technologies for different platforms are not same and thus we believe in using the right technology for the right platform.

Technologies we use to build apps for different platforms

For iOS app, we use Objective C, Swift, OpenGL, Cocoa, SQLite, Unity3D, Dodos2D and many others for Android, we go for Eclipse, OpenGL, Java, SQLite With Windows, we use HTML5, CSS, and Javascript and for Blackberry, we use Eclipse, and J2ME

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