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I-Verve is a professional app development company, offering cost-effective hybrid application development solutions in 50+ countries. We have the competence at optimizing JavaScript, CSS to create beautiful layouts, writing HTML5 compliant code that works on any platform without sacrificing the cool native capabilities.

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What we do for Hybrid Apps?

Our expert hybrid mobile app developers combine their experience with potential of HTML5 development and advance mobile frameworks to build user-friendly apps that look and behave like native apps on all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Xamarin and others.


Our Hybrid mobile App design experts ensure an immersive and ergonomic interface design that provides a great user experience.


Our Hybrid mobile Apps are feature-rich and delivered with cross-browser compatibility that saves cost and time.


Our expertise in seamless integration techniques and strategy ensures smooth and advanced functionality for hybrid mobile app development.

Quick Maintenance and Support

To help businesses deploy and manage application, i-verve offers quick and responsive app maintenance and 24X7 support.

What we do for Hybrid Apps?

Appcelerator Titanium App Development

Appcelerator created the open source Titanium Software Development Kit (SDK). The Appcelerator Platform allows 60 to 90 percent of code to be reused between the same applications on different platforms.

Our app development team can unlock the benefits of Titanium framework to build robust, interactive and enterprise level hybrid mobile applications for all businesses.

PhoneGap App
PhoneGap App

We design and deliver lightweight and powerful applications that are feature-rich and provide seamless experience.

PhoneGap supports APIs for hardware and software features of all modern devices operating systems. An app can access a device’s accelerometer, camera, contacts, GPS, and storage across different platforms.

Sencha App
Sencha App

Sencha Touch is the leading MVC-based JavaScript framework for building cross-platform mobile web applications. Sencha Touch leverages hardware acceleration techniques to provide high-performance UI components for mobile devices.

Our Sencha Touch Developers code feature-rich and adaptive business applications for cross-platform devices.

HTML5 & jQuery App
HTML5 & jQuery App

Our team develops high-end enterprise apps with the help of powerful HTML5 and jQuery frameworks.

HTML5 and JavaScript have more than 5,000 APIs that can help produce native apps for end users in their respective applications stores.

Launch Something New and Innovative

Why i-Verve for Rapid Hybrid App Development?

We develop really cool apps that use the same code base for running the UI on all devices

Case Study

W3POST – Social Networking App
W3POST – Social Networking App

Client requirement was for an application fully functional on all platforms and mobile devices. The main task was to develop an application that collects data and make device free from storage so the user can enjoy free space. An app that makes you share images and videos with no limit, free video chat, and personal messages. It deals with millions of credentials, data security, data transfer functions maintaining the user friendlyness and engagement aspects.

Read full case study


We understand the changing business scenarios and requirements. Therefore, we have customizable and convenient engagement models you can choose from. If you want to pay a Fixed price for your development cost, you want to pay by hours for development work or want a dedicated development team for a project or switching between these options. We can customize them according to your needs without delay and hassle. Isn’t it conveniently fantastic!

Fixed Price
  • Fixed deadline of project
  • Quoted costs & overheads
  • Pre-defined solution in detail
  • Specified Scope
Time and Material
  • Greater project flexibility
  • Variable budget and cost
  • Pay per hour model
  • Flexibility for changes
Dedicated Team
  • Handpick Dedicated resources
  • Control Cost and Milestones
  • Convenient for large projects
  • Flexibility for iterations


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