What You Get In ASP.NET Development Solutions?

Get next-gen applications developed by us at i-Verve as a part of your business traction objective. I-Verve’s team of Microsoft certified ASP .NET professionals are just the accelerant you need to get ahead of your competition and meet your customer acquisition goals. We help you to deploy robust, secure, and enterprise-level applications that can scale up as per your organizational growth.

ASP.Net Development Services

We build highly robust .NET solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies. We have an expert .NET team of developers, architects, analysts and integrators with 9+ years of experience with a proven ability to meet the most complex project requirements.

to .net

Want to migrate to .NET? Our team of .NET specialists with years of experience in performing flawless migration from legacy application to .NET will fix this for you regardless of the language used, database versions and other complexities.

3rd party software

We customize 3rd party software, web stores, websites and applications as per your business requirements. We even introduce new features, clean code and make changes that are needed to keep them modern and user-friendly.

QA and testing services
for .NET systems

We deliver high-quality .NET projects through rigorous QA and testing services. Our ASP, MVC and .NET experts optimize resources for optimal performance. We even work on 3rd party projects to smooth out clients plan.

Custom application

We have vast experience in developing custom web applications in ASP.NET for various industries and businesses of all sizes. Moreover, all our projects are manned by certified Scrum masters.


We provide third party integration and customized middleware. We leverage the power of BizTalk capabilities to introduce ASP.NET solutions to your project and business to ensure B2B/B2C communication.

Maintenance and
support services

We provide 24X7 technical support. We ensure smooth functioning of apps, sites and other products with the help of our maintenance team which serves clients with precision and enthusiasm.

ASP.NET E-Commerce

.Net offers a Highly stable, customizable, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use eCommerce platform that empowers you to sell products and services online anywhere.

End-TO-End ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning is made easier by ASP.NET development services that allow you to enjoy an updated view of the core business processes using a database management system.


We study, understand and engage with you regarding your business & develop and deliver a website with unmatched design with all features required.

.Net CMS

We use the best ASP.NET based CMS platforms for your business to create rich, fully dynamic, editable, modular, and highly interactive websites and applications to automate all the content processes for different types of business, from a small company to a vast enterprise system.


Combining the Xamarin technology with our ample experience, we deliver the bespoke result in minimum time and on budget as per the business requirement for iOS, Android, and Windows devices that bring you ahead of other competitors.

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What do we offer?

Our services below indicate our all-round capabilities in superior quality custom .NET Development Services.

Business consulting

Right from determining the best-fit technology architecture for your organization to developing apps for specific business needs, we help you with our .NET development & consulting at i-Verve. Be it determining the strategy roadmap, deploying the right mix of technology resources, or suggesting tailored updates and customization, we do all this and much more.


Project management and planning

If you avail of our services for full-scale development, then we assess your precise needs in the planning stage. We also lay the groundwork for architecture, analysis, design, sequence diagrams, demos and prototyping for custom .NET development.



We propose an ideal fit of project management methodology. In this stage we also develop the backend database and optimize it for your specific project, along with doing the debugging, performance tuning, and rigorous testing of the application.


Post launch support

We offer total support after delivery of the final product. This includes training your staff and providing periodic maintenance support. We also look out for product updates and addition of modules at frequent intervals to ensure that the ASP.NET solution continues delivering value for a long time.


Our Dot Net Expertise

I-Verve .NET specialists have versatile domain expertise including


Products launched



Hours of .NET development



Years of Experience



Certified Resources

  • Internet B2B and B2C Portals
  • Online Stores, Marketplaces and Auctions
  • Media Content Distribution
  • Social Networking and Social Commerce
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Web Services
  • Corporate Sites and Portals
  • Line-of-Business Apps
  • Corporate Intranet and Extranet
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Project and Document Management

Case Study

Cloud based Software Application for Monitoring

The client runs a company for software and server solutions. Its main task is to monitor the usages and installations. If any abnormalities are found the users should get notifications and alerts to their predefined mail ids. Because this software application is based on cloud it has to communicate with hundreds of servers. This has to deal with millions of credentials, APIs, and connected devices in order to provide access.

i-Verve’s Value Proposition to Your Business


Right from business consulting services to migration and maintenance of ASP.NET custom applications our team of seasoned veterans can equip you with holistic customer servicing from one office.

The power of experience

We have expertise in building dynamic web applications that serve a wide array of business requirements for clients across different industries. Irrespective of the scale and complexity of the project, we can develop solutions for games, apps, web and cloud.

Proven track record

Our team has a proven track record of building outstanding websites and applications. No matter what your requirements may be, you can be assured that you would get the best value for the money you spend. We work with startups, SMEs and large enterprises.

Best in class support

We help you connect with the right expert at the right time just when you need it. This ensures that your productivity levels stay optimal and your customer service delivery doesn’t fall behind your high standards.

Flexible methodology

Our project management competencies have ensured faster time to market for customer technology solutions in diverse business environments across the globe. This gives us an unmatched experience to determine the best-fit engagement models, methodology, and project management for your specific project.

Cost Effective

We make certain that all our solution deliveries are 100% secure, completely scalable, and totally customized to your business and operational needs. We combine this USP with our holistic development services to let you avail of ROI that remains unsurpassed in the industry.

Let’s work together

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website with ASP.NET?

Online businesses come across many profitable opportunities in this fast-paced world of internet technology. When you choose to build a business website with ASP.NET, it will help your users enjoy cool features and keep things within your budget. That’s why it’s all the more important for people who wish to develop a new website for their business or for any other purpose to always question how much it costs to make a website and a mobile application?

For this question actually, there is no fixed answer because each and every person needs a different website for a different purpose. So the cost may vary as per the need of the business owner and the customers. While a simple website may cost around $2000 USD only, adding more features and functionality may cost upto $ 15,000. You need to know which factors affect your website development pricing.

The major factors that determine the Website Development cost are:
  • Optimizing The Site
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Responsive Site
  • Content Management System
  • SEO
  • Mobile Apps

With ASP.NET, it becomes easy for developers to create outstanding websites and apps to help you achieve your business goals.

Feel free to contact us for design and development of your website. Get a free estimation depending on your Web and Mobile app development requirements.

Hire dedicated ASP .NET developers for your “project” Contact us for :

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • According a the survey report, 40% of the market is occupied by ASP.Net + MVC.Net + AJAX.Net that means Microsoft technology dominates the web application development market. A variety of different tools and frameworks are found in .NET which is a powerful technology to build from simple and fast web pages to a high-performance REST based API for huge corporate systems.
  • ASP.NET gives the power to control content management and product management that enables you to manage every single element of your website also allows you to add or delete products to your website. Websites built in .NET offer a pleasant online shopping experience with an easy to use interface and incredible security features.
  • ASP.Net development project deployment strategy is a way to change or upgrade an application without downtime in a way that the user barely notices the improvements. A maintenance strategy is about what is included in the maintenance once the project is delivered which is an essential part that decides the future of the project. The maintenance strategy establishes a sequence of actions to be undertaken concerning the operation stage which needs to be confirmed by the businesses with the .NET development company.
  • We work with organizations of all sizes. We have a huge list of clients ranging from small to large companies. However, a good portion of our clients are from large organizations.
  • Yes, of course, you will be able to access the source code post-deployment as our company assigns all the rights, credentials, licenses and copyright access with the NDA agreement with the completion and delivery of the project.
  • We take care of our clients after the delivery of the project too and we generally do not charge for minor alterations or changes in the developed module. However if something major or a whole new concept or feature needs to be added or changed is required, we will get back to you with the advantagesand the future of the change you need, with accurate time delivery commitment, affordable cost, and terms and conditions.
  • At i-Verve, we have everything that is a must for any ASP.NET web development project success. We have a 5-stars rated .NET development team, certified .NET developers, industry-leading development experience, and are creative in design with a complete marketing strategy for your business growth and last but not the least, faster deployment and delivery of projects.
  • Microsoft technology giants have announced their long-term support for the ASP.NET framework due to its ability to deliver high speed websites and web applications, a low costs, and it also supports many languages, which ensures your business growth. You can be happy about the selection of this project development technology. This technology is good today and will be better tomorrow with the changes in the framework that will evolve your application too.
  • Yes, you can hire ASP.NET developers for your web solutions, ASP.NET web migration, enterprise solution, eCommerce web app development, advanced web solutions and for many more from i-Verve. We have inhouse certified .NET developers who hold 9+ years of experience with various industrial domains and multiple technologies with an agile methodology that assures error-free delivery of your project.
    We also offer a separate service which is maintenance and support and our highly trained .NET technical assistants give 24/7 support for your technical problems and also support in performance tracking.
  • The cost of building a web app for your business depends on the concept, requirement, and the features & functionalities you need. The Projects cost estimation is decided by the selection of technology stack, a number of developers you hire, the type of app you want to get built, engagement model, working hours and several other factors.


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