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Barry Energy, The Electricity Provider

Website Re-Branding and Cross Platform Mobile App Development for Europe based Company

i-Verve rescued the website, changed the user interface, and made it customer-centric. Built a mobile application for Android and iOS from scratch with aesthetic UI. Leveraged the potential of python to automate and speed up the marketing process and efforts for the company. Customized the homey software features, integrated 3rd party plugin to enhance the performance of the homey device with its inhouse product home assistance mobile app.


React Native
ReactJS (Gatsby)

Barry (electricity provider)


Python developer
Mobile app developer (2)
Website developer (2)


Denmark & France

Project Background

Our client Barry owns a Europe-based electricity company. A 100% digital electricity supplier created for everyone by electric car. His vision is to provide climate-friendly power service to everyone at an affordable price & aims to provide power consumption services for both homes and cars.


The client already had his website built by his in-house team. He wanted to give his website a new look supporting multilanguage. He approached us with his crystal-clear requirement of adding expert React Native and ReactJS developers to build his mobile app for iOS and Android from scratch. He also was looking to spread his wings in other European countries and thus was seeking for a simple but powerful solution to speed up his marketing efforts.


He short-listed 7 companies from which he finally decided to go with i-Verve and hired our 5 dedicated developers with niche-based expertise like; React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, Database expert.

The Product

Pet Hotels is a unique concept designed especially to help Pet Animals to get real care when their real owners cannot take care of them due to any business trip or personal reason. The pet Hotels program is for any pet animal owner and all pet hotel owners. The Pet Hotel is a digital platform in the form of a mobile app to solve the real problem of the pet animal owners and helps pet hotel business owners get more clients and increase business.


Re-Brand the whole website with new UI without making changes in the client road map & navigation.

Make powerful marketing tools in python to automate and speed up the marketing efforts and reach more customers.

Build a highly secure, scalable, and responsive mobile application from scratch for both iOS and Android. Build a whole new mobile app as his product named as “Home Assistance”.

Customize features and functionalities of homey device software, add new features, make it compatible with all homey devices to help the user access their home and car electricity operations remotely.

Add a function in the app that records data of electricity consumed and provides detailed information to the client on an hourly basis.

Make website user-centric, weave with clean code that competes with latest Google ranking factors.


Communication Challenge:

We used Jira for project management and maintained transparency following the Agile work methodology that enables a client to track bugs, stories, epics, and other tasks.

The client hired dedicated developers thus he was having complete access to reach his developers whenever he wants to. He was able to convey his requirement, ask them to change when needed, and assign tasks as per his requirement.

Used Jira to assign tasks and skype to communicate. This made the client have complete control over the team, explain to them what he wants exactly, and get his work as per his expectation.


He hired a team of 6 certified developers from i-Verve. Our ReactJS expert helped a client with re-branding his website using Gatsby. We built a fast, secure, and powerful website using a React-based framework and leveraging the potential of GraphQL for an innovative data layer that makes integrating content, APIs, and services into one web experience incredibly simple.

Our python developer used the airflow tool built-in python to make powerful marketing automating script to accelerate marketing tasks. With the expertise and experience, we built result-driven marketing software to help the barry marketing team spread their wings & reach more audiences in Denmark and France & convert their complex and lengthy process into simple and short steps.

Built an Analytics type dashboard in Tableau for the client that empowers their marketing in analyzing the business performance and user behavior. Our Analytics software helps Barry to track ins and outs of its new and old customers, grow, helps in making strategies with the collected data, and apply to get predicted results.

We helped him in customizing the fixed homey app software and added new features that can work with any homey device. This will help his customers operate their home and car electricity remotely.

Our ReactJS developers rescued the website and rebranded the user interface completely without compromising on the quality.

Our smart developers proved their expertise by making the website search engine compatible that meets their ranking factor. Earlier the site performance was poor and even slow in loading. Our developers, leveraging their expertise coded smartly so that website can work exactly as it should but with less code.

Instead of adding HTML on every page, we made components for each page and interlinked them with the main HTML section to make it high performing.

Utilized Google Translate API in website and app to give a personalized experience to its Denmark and France-based customers.

View beauty services

The app allows the user to view all the beauty services available as per their need. Be it budget, luxury, basics, geo, or more.


The app is designed by experts with deep research and keeping the future demand in mind. Online 24/7 chat support is integrated to help the user clear their doubt at the same time when they are in search of Pet Hotels.

Manage hotel user

Integrated the security feature to help the admin to monitor and manage hotel users 24/7 automatically. Hotel users will be disqualified or disabled automatically if found breaching the contract and terms and conditions.




Customer Panel
Customer Panel

Booking confirmation (pet beauty services)
Booking confirmation (pet beauty services)

View basic filter results
View basic filter results

Language settings
Language settings

Beauty services bookings
Beauty services bookings

Manage products
Manage products


After hiring our developers, Barry’s website is now high-performing and intuitive. The user stays longer than before. Load quick and due to which google has boosted its ranking in the search engine.

The app is one of the most responsive and downloaded in Denmark and France. People are getting to know more about Barry’s energy as one of the electricity service providers.

Marketing efforts simplified with our intelligently written python script. It saves time and helps in reaching more customers. This has made Barry make new customers and increase revenue by 25% since the deployment.

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