How AI, Big Data, and Agile Development Method Impacts Software Development

New technologies in the IT industries are shaping the world as we see today. The scope of these technologies isn’t limited to the end users only but is extending to the software development industries as well. The technologies that we are talking about here are Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Agile Software Development method.

Digitization of the different industries has been done successfully over the past few decades. The factors which have fuelled the process of digitization are:

1. Simplicity and ease of accessing the service for a customer.
2. Improved efficiency of the company employees.
3. Increased production and process reliability.
4. The reduction in costs of developing and implementing these technologies.

It is very important for the software developing company to consider how its software is going to help its clients and what will be the return on the investment (ROI).

Software development companies also help these businesses grow and determine how they will operate and quality they will offer. They come with new ideas and create services that an industry might have never offered before. And to get these ideas they try to study and implement one or more of the top three factors responsible for digitization mentioned above.

The increase in the competition among the software development community has forced them to build software quickly and reliably. They need to use the newest technologies and apply the right methodology to make sure they stand firm in the tough competition. The use of the right tools and technologies are beneficial for both, the developer as well as the client.

The next generation of software development tools and technologies include:

Mere having the knowledge of these technologies does not ensure success. You need to know how to implement them in the field of software development to be able to leverage these technologies.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact on software development

The development of Artificial Intelligence has been a long journey. We never found much success with it unless other technologies like Big Data and Cloud computing came into existence and were integrated with it. AI has started to influence how software is made. Here are the two things in software development cycle that are being influenced by the AI the most:

1. Helping developers and testers

AI has enabled using machine learning to test the overall quality of the codes. Software testing companies are now using bots to find software bugs and flaws in the software. We will soon see AI tools that will not just find the problems but will also fix it. It will be really interesting to see how developers and AI work hand in hand to bring the changes.

It has also been very successful in making estimates about the time needed to develop the software through Agile methodology.

2. For building better applications

Customization and personalization make aesthetics of any system looks much better. From predictive texting to writing articles to replying users with a custom chatbot, AI has evolved immensely over the past few years and has the capability to analyze what functions should be inculcated to the new software.

Although these are the steps in the right direction, we have still a long way to go before we will be able to tell computers what we want and the computer will create a full application/software, by itself.

Big data analytics use in software development

Organizations want to create customized software that will integrate all its data and process it. The software should be able to analyze this data and should help the organization to make decisions efficiently.

For a software development company, it is important to stick to the Agile methodology to deliver the project on time and for the pre-determined amount. By using the Big data analysis, a software development company can analyze performance data across multiple areas of codes of a software. It can then give attention to the areas that take more time or has a high failure rate. This data should be used in improving the development process in the future and in accurately estimating the time and cost of the project.

Agile software development method in role in software development

This software development method offers to build a simple and lightweight framework for software first which will address the basic needs of the client. The software is then completed, tested and released in a swift way. The changes and features are then added as per the requirement of the client.

This process of making changes and adding new features is a continuous process in agile development which can have a large number of individual product development cycles. This reduces the risk as the client is continuously participating in the development process.

Future application of the above 3 technologies

These three technologies are finding extensive application in software development industries. All the three, in some way, are interrelated when actual deployment is done. The best part is, all these technologies are in their infancy now and are still finding such widespread application. Image how much use they will be a couple of years from now.

5 traits that make a Software Developer Company Successful

The software developers who are among the top in the industry are aware of the extent of application of the above-listed technologies. These technologies have empowered them to increase their profitability and reduce risks. Below are some traits of such companies. Read the traits and try to inculcate them in your own organization too.

Key Traits of the Top Developer Company

  • Having a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced team is a prerequisite for a good software development company.
  • Focus on the latest technologies and services that are introduced every month. Get into the details of them and make sure your staff is aware of them.
  • Building partnership and not just satisfying the requirements is the key trait of the top software development companies.
  • Good communication among the team members is very important. Also, the company – client communication needs to be continuous.
  • Right estimation of the expense and time required for completion of the project is very important.

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