6 Notable Features to Keep in Mind When Developing a Chat App like Viber with React Native

If you’re here, you’re looking to add chat to a new or existing mobile app by means of React Native or want a chatting app like Viber to be developed from scratch. Chat applications from basic to a pro like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Telegram can be build using Expo + Firebase + React Native + Gifted Chat.

The word Communication has been derived from the Greek word, “Communicare” meaning the exchange or sharing of ideas or expression. Humans have always the tendency to share or exchange what they feel or why they feel which has led to chat app development. Today’s the most buzzing apps like WhatsApp or Viber or Telegram are the outcome of the human tendency to exchange the thoughts, feelings or idea. The idea of the messenger app development evolved in the mid of the sixties even before the ‘internet’ became a buzzword.

Today, WhatsApp leads the communication industry with 1300 million users across the globe.

Today, we have a traveled a long journey and have entered into an era of instant messaging from any corner of the world. Expectations of the users have gone far and wide from the mere sharing of an SMS or MMS. Feature-rich smartphones and availability of high-speed internet have attracted many startups to come up with chat app. But when you wish to build a successful chat app, you need to integrate the certain Must-have features that every messenger app user expects from the app.

Top chat app features that you must integrate into your chat app development to make it a great success.

Simple User Login:

Today, most of the messaging apps are not limited to graphics or messages. They are used for multiple purposes from a simple text message to video calling. And the user of your app may be a layman or a celebrity. Hence your app should have a very simple process for the User Login. Either your app should have User Login with a phone number or with a verification through an email. Considering your user group, the easier the login process your app has the more popular your app will be.

Chat Bots:

This is an AI-based functionality used by almost every website. This feature needs to be highly interactive as it communicates through text messages in response to a query raised by the humans. The prime goal behind inserting this feature is to harmonize the task flow and reducing the burden of answering the repeat questions from the users.


Encryption is a way of communication to secure the communication between two persons and to preserve the privacy of the communicating parties. In simple words, only the communicating parties will be able to read the messages exchanged.

This is a must-have feature as it ensures high-end safety and security of the communication between two persons. No third party can break or even decode the information anyhow.

Cloud Synchronization:

There is no doubt that now the smartphones are backed by a large memory for storage but this feature is very important as many users have a habit of accessing an app from multiple devices. And here comes the Cloud Synchronization in the picture. Cloud Synchronization allows you to store your large files, high-resolution graphics, videos, and audio files. Moreover, when the user modifies or makes changes in the files from any device, the changes are automatically applied to the other instances files.

With Cloud Synchronization, one can have the backup at any time from anywhere with powerful internet services.


This is also a very useful feature especially when you are required to share your current location with someone of your relations. Today, most instant messaging and chat apps have these features with live location sharing facility.

Besides the common users, this feature plays a vital role in the businesses like transportation and cab services. The reason is very simple that the customer, as well as the owner of the business, can have an idea about the availability or whereabouts of the vehicle.

Stay Live and Connected:

One more feature that now almost every chat app is equipped with is to let the fellow user know about your availability and the status of the messages you have sent or shared. It helps in increasing the popularity of your app as this is an interactive feature. The average human is much more interested in knowing whether his/her message has been read, replied or not!

Moreover, some chat apps also offer voice messaging feature which makes you stay alive and connected with your friend and followers.

Hire Chat app Development Company

Messaging apps market is at the peak of its growth and still growing beyond our imagination. There are still scope for the new bees to enter this arena with more intuitive features. At the time of the hiring a Chat app development company, you just need to be clear about the prime question relating to

  • the Time and Cost of an Android chat app and/or iOS chat app development.
  • The experience and knowledge of the developers who are going to develop your app.
  • Unique features and functionalities to be integrated into the app.

For any sort of query in respect of chat development, it would worth consulting to a mobile app development company