Open the Door of Business Opportunities With IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Applications of IoT

In future, Internet of Things will be in everything, from a cup of your coffee notifying the temperature to your chair indicating your weight and your car which will auto-drive when it will sense that you are tired, the applications of IoT are limitless. The core application of IoT Solutions is to make everyday objects more resourceful and smart.

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Scope and applications of IoT are bigger than anything that humans have created till now, with IoT you can stay interconnected with everything at every place and at all the time. Because of IoT, we human beings will transform into primary data consumers from data producers only by a click of button on our IoT mobile phone App.

With Mobile apps, we could customize the way we interact with our surroundings. We have apps and IoT devices that could interact with our pets, appliances, security devices, transportation tools, buildings, and everything that you can imagine. Soon Internet of Things will be called Internet of EveryThing.

IoT will make data collection and computation completely ambient. The magnum of data and devices around us will overwhelm us at such an extent where after few generations, it will become hard to distinguish internet from people. Like some sci fi movie, we will be connected with everything around us and will control whole world with just a mobile app of IoT.

Business applications of IoT for retail and eCommerce

i-Verve is a leading IoT App Development Company in the USA, providing solutions and services that have a huge potential market for Retail and eCommerce businesses. Owners of such businesses can get a great competitive edge in the cut-throat market.

IoT has started to get into retail stores, and will continue to change the way retail and eCommerce business is done in the future. There are devices which will send notifications and discount offers to smartphones of users when they enter into stores (if they have an IoT Business app of your store). The users will also get a popup about your store when they pass from nearby locations. You can sell your products directly from such popups which will help you achieve your sales target.

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You can create smart mirror apps for eCommerce and Retail stores, which will allow your customers to try on different products of your store virtually. You can also allow them to do it on their smartphones so that they could order the product of their preference directly from their homes. This will enhance the shopping experience of your users as they won’t have to manually try all the products and you can also give them various offers which will make their purchase even more convenient.

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The biggest complication in retail and eCommerce business is of inventory management. You can reduce your operational costs and minimize your overheads by using IoT for inventory management. You can easily monitor all the inventory that you have from the screen of your phone and when any inventory goes low, a notification will pop up and you can order new stock or start a clearance sale to get rid of remaining inventory. By using IoT solutions for retail and eCommerce, mistakes done by humans will also go down as there will be minimum human interaction in the process.

Delivering your products to your customers is also a complicated process. There is a IoT Software Solution for this also. You can attach an RFID sticker to the product which is being delivered and both you & your client will be able to track its pinpoint location from your smartphones.

With IoT and its solutions, you can take your retail/eCommerce business to new heights. There are billions being spent for new research and development to increase the scope of IoT and with all these applications of IoT, the sky is the limit in Retail and eCommerce business.