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Build a Social Network Using ROR
How to Build a social network using Ruby on Rails

17 Jul 2019

Developers need a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, and PostgreSQL. This article can help you understand how to build a social network using Ruby on Rails. Prerequisites Ruby & ...
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Performance of Ruby on Rails App
Tips to Speed Up Ruby on Rails App Performance

17 Jul 2019

You build a web application with Ruby on Rails, and you wait for the results. Your web app has an intuitive user interface and business logic works well. If you get disappointed with the app as it doe...
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How to Build an E-Commerce Mobile App with React Native?

18 Jun 2019

With the growth of mobile platforms, there have been a lot of revolutionary changes in the ecommerce industry. In 2018, 52.2% web traffic was witnessed through mobile devices. 2017 generated 50.3% web...
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Optimize the Performance of React Native Application
How to Optimize The Performance of React Native Apps?

09 May 2019

The last few days, our team got a chance to improve the performance of an existing React Native for one of our clients from UK. The app was available on both the markets – iOS and Android. The clien...
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Magento 2
Building Magento 2 Mobile Apps For Ecommerce Sector

19 Feb 2019

With the increasing use of mobile applications, ecommerce industry has been transformed since the last few years. Customers expect mobile friendly websites and applications that make the shopping easi...
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start an online grocery store
How to start an online grocery store?

01 Nov 2018

Start An Online Grocery Store According to the data of statista, the popularity of online grocery stores is on a boom, especially in USA. “The U.S. online grocery market is estimated to generate sal...
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Build On demand App like Uber for Handyman
Why Build On Demand Handyman App Like Uber for Handyman?

10 Sep 2018

Take your home services business online with home services on demand apps/website. Getting a skilled handyman to help them within in hours is what people expect, just like Jason and Samantha. They mov...
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Cost to hire Xamarin app developers
How much will it cost to hire a Xamarin developer?

07 Jul 2018

According to estimation, approximately more than 800,000 developers have preferred Xamarin to build native mobile apps for different industry verticals. This is the reason why the Xamarin developers...
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On Demand App Development for Startups: Strategy & Steps

11 Apr 2018

With 2.6 billion people using smartphones and over 77% carrying their devices in hand around 22 hours a day! The on-demand service is the next logical step for startups. Digitize your business with in...
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app development
How to Scale down Your Mobile App Development Cost

04 Dec 2017

When you want to build an app, the first thing that comes to your mind is – How much does it cost to build an app? How to reduce mobile app development cost? Even after digging into it for days, fin...
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employee app development
Mobile Apps: Digital Tool for Employee Engagement

02 Sep 2017

Your Employees want to be heard. Are you listening? According to a research, companies with engaged workers outperform their counterparts by 202%. It’s no secret that a satisfied, happy and motivate...
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event app development
Use of Mobile Apps for Seamless Event Management

03 Jul 2017

For every event management company – saving time and providing the best experience for attendees are some of the top priority task and complicated too. Businesses where employees interact with custo...
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enterprises choose DevOps As a Service
Why enterprises choose DevOps-As-A-Service (DaaS)?

07 Mar 2017

Enterprises these days are inundated with fast-changing markets and development methodologies. To stay competitive, they have to be on top of their games. They need to be both efficient and agile to r...
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hire developer
How to find and hire a good web or app developer

07 Feb 2017

Coding is an art for nerds. And the same nerds develop great digital platforms. If you’re a start-up or an established business looking to hire a good developer, as you either don’t have time to i...
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Android Application Development
9 essentials for building Android Applications

27 Jan 2017

Building an Android App in 2017? Android applications have come a long way and now capture over 75% of application market. You imagine and a killer and potential money making ideas are created. That&#...
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app monetization
How to make money with mobile apps

09 Nov 2016

As we go mobile with the gigantic amount of data consumption and costly mobile devices, an app becomes a must have player for every business. An app will keep your users updated with your latest produ...
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