i-Verve Inc: Celebrating 11 Years Of Growth, Success And Excellence

i-Verve completed 11 years in the web and mobile development industry. It’s time to thank the people who work with us, celebrate our growth and success with our team members and thank them for their valuable support. This joyous occasion calls for a celebration and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate such milestones.

Company Directors

              Nayan Mistry
He possesses more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. With a vision to make i-Verve an exceptional service provider, he inspires and motivates the team members. With thorough knowledge of design and coding, he is actively involved in the operations. He always thinks offbeat and sets the right direction for the team. With in-depth knowledge of all the popular technologies, he collaborates with the clients, and focuses on strategic growth of the company.

i-Verve celebrates 11th Anniversary

It is a proud moment for i-Verve as the company achieved another milestone by completing 11 successful years in the industry. Since its inception in 2008, the company has performed exceptionally well. The celebration was around the corner and the team celebrated the anniversary with a picnic at a reputed resort in Ahmedabad.

How did i-Verve celebrate the annual day?

The i-Verve family went on a picnic at The Pleasure Club, to celebrate the achievements in a grand manner. The team enjoyed exciting leisure activities and had a great time together. All the members of i-Verve family spent the entire day together and had a lot of fun.

The celebration day started with breakfast, followed by a few outdoor games. Some boys played cricket, while girls played badminton. It was time for swimming, and all boys and girls jumped into the swimming pool to beat the heat.

We had to call all the boys and girls out of pool when it was time for lunch. All of us savored delicious buffet. All of us sat together and got involved in some chit-chat after the lunch. It was surely a mind-blowing experience for all.

After resting for a while, it was time to burn the calories, and some people played indoor and outdoor games, while a few others jumped back to the swimming pool. A few adventurous people enjoyed the rides to boost their adrenaline levels, followed by a dance party.

It was time for snack and Hi-tea. The priceless moments are captured in our hearts for the years to come. The entire day was filled with enjoyable memories that would be cherished by the team forever.

Employee Morale

i-Verve always focuses on boosting employees’ morale by offering a positive work environment and planning fun activities and activities from time to time. The company treats all the employees as a family and provides regular employee recognition.

Growth, Success and Excellence

To achieve organizational success, we hire the most qualified experts to ensure that our clients get the best website, software, and mobile app development solutions. Our clients are valued and heard, and that’s what makes us a trusted choice of several clients across the globe. Focusing on customer-centric improvements, we grow our team to ensure mutual success.

Thanking clients and employees

Let’s take this opportunity to thank our awesome clients and team members who put in great efforts to make i-Verve grow. We appreciate your collaboration with us and look forward for a bright future together.