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How to Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Product’s UI?

When it comes to user interface design (UI) for your product, there are a lot of things you should consider. UI should be designed keeping in mind the target audience. There are a few tricks that can help you select the best color palette for your product’s UI.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Coca Cola? A bottle of carbonated water and a Red logo. Right?

What about Nike? Black tick. Isn’t it?

That’s how people remember brands by their logos.

Choosing right set of colors can create the best mood and tone for your products. Your potential customers are going to identify your brand with the color palette used on branding materials. Majority of the customers make the buying decisions based on the color scheme used for your brand. Hence, it is essential to pick the best suitable color palette that is appealing to the target audience.

User interface design involves a lot of processes that need thoughtful planning and attention. Picking the right colors for all the elements such as banners, buttons, forms, and other items is important. UI and product design is a time-consuming task that can be done in several steps. UI designers may even spend hours to pick the right color palette for UI design for your product.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the right colors for your product’s UI:

Color scheme for good UI design

  • Define your product goals before starting to select colors for your product’s UI.
  • Study your target audience and try to know the expectations of the users. Determine what your users would like. Your target audience may have specific color preference. Make sure that your product has the right color scheme.
  • Conducting a competitor analysis can help you make the product’s design stand out. Search out for your competitor’s products and check the color combinations to know how to make your product distinctive and unique.
  • Always check the pros and cons of the selected color scheme before your product is launched in the market. Test the colors and design in different resolutions, and different devices to ensure that it looks awesome.
  • Visualize the content and placement of different elements. Think of the number and size of different elements, text, and blocks on the screen.
  • Pay attention to the contrast of visual elements of the products while combining different colors from the palette.

Tips and Tricks for designing the best product’s UI

Tips and Tricks for designing

Primary & Secondary Palette

Primary colors are the ones that would be used everywhere for your brand. Every brand has one or two or even more basic primary colors that form the core of the organization. Selecting the right primary palette for your brand is the first step towards a successful UI design for your product.

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Once you have decided upon the primary colors, you can think of secondary and tertiary colors for your brand. Although they are optional, you should pick the right colors to differentiate your product. Adding secondary colors to your color scheme makes your product attractive.

60-30-10 Rule

Have you heard about 60% – 30% – 10% rule while interior designing any property? This rule can be applied to UI design also to create the perfect balance. The colors can be combined in the ratio 60:30:10% that includes the biggest part to be dominant shade while the secondary hue can be used upto 30%. Keep the accent color as 10% for a clearer UI design for your product. This technique helps you create a design that is comfortable and easy to understand for your users’ brains and eyes.

Befriend Contrast

Some colors look great together while a few others clash. Contrast is your friend when it comes to visual composition of any product. UI designers need to pay special attention to the elements. For instance, blue and red are two high contrast colors that can be used together to create an eye-catchy look.

Color scheme for good UI design

Color Scheme for Good UI


Monochromatic schemes

This may involve different shades and tints within the same hue. You can use similar color shades for UI design. Use the monochromatic colors wisely to make the UI look interesting.

Analogous color scheme

Three different colors can be used next to each other to create an analogous color scheme for UI design. It makes the product UI design look great and attractive.

Complementary scheme

Such schemes are created when two different shades are used from the opposite sides of the color wheel. You can also use tints and hues of various shades to create a contrasting look.

Apart from choosing color schemes, you should think of intensifying the usability of the website or application. Pay attention to the navigation, strengthen the CTA buttons, and enhance the aesthetic requirements of the users. You can even use natural shades to create a subtle look and feel for your product. You can choose grey, white, green, or yellow tones for the perfect color palette.

Use the right tools

There are online tools that can help you create the best UI design for your product. Kuler is an Adobe product that can help you create the best color scheme for your product. Coolors is a magical tool that can create magical color schemes based on your requirements and preference. Paletton can be the right pick when you have the primary colors and need to play around with additional tones. You need to choose the right tools for creating the perfect color palette for your product’s UI.

In a Nutshell

When you hire expert UI/UX designers from a leading UI/UX Design Company for product design, you should discuss your requirements and expectations clearly so that they can transform your vision into a reality. No matter what your requirements may be, you need to make sure that you design a user-friendly platform with the right set of colors that reflect your brand identity. Correct selection of color schemes for UI design for products can help to enhance the user engagement. While designing the user experience, the UI designers should consider the text readability to ensure that everyone has a great experience. A good UI design for your product will surely help you attract more users, and increase your conversion rate within no time. Think about it and get started now.

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