Why enterprises choose DevOps-As-A-Service (DaaS)?

Enterprises these days are inundated with fast-changing markets and development methodologies. To stay competitive, they have to be on top of their games. They need to be both efficient and agile to respond to various market demands and ever-evolving business requirements.

Every organization wants the best IT specialists on their teams to troubleshoot all these challenges across their development platforms. With DevOps as a service, enterprises can ensure rapid on-boarding, automate delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous and end-to-end integration across all the leading Cloud platforms.

Companies and Enterprises will need to re-think and improvise their products and services that can leverage collaboration, automation, management and Cloud adaptations. DevOps is bridging the gap between traditional approach between development and operations. With this article we are trying to explain, what is DevOps, How DevOps work, why enterprises choose DevOps and how can your company benefit by utilizing DevOps as a service?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a relatively new methodology that has been on the blocks for great utilization. DevOps is a term that is a combination of two words “development” and “operations”. DevOps-as-a-Services (DaaS) is a special IT practice that emphasizes collaboration and communication between the IT developers and operations products to release faster, reliable and scalable software products.

The aim of DevOps is to work as a bridge between the operation expectations in terms of functions and utilization of a process and development’s abilities to create such applications that gel business processes integrate servers and data on clouds and async workflows. It encompasses all the IT project departments from coding, to UI/UX design, QA engineers and security specialists.

It’s been developed after years of toiling back-and-forth between departments of enterprises to create a seamless synchronization to translate a complete business process, workflow and create result-oriented documentation products.

In simple words, DevOps is all about getting every department and employee in Operations and development to communicate and work together for DevOps continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

Why should you use DevOps?

The primary aim of DevOps best practices is to solve process bottlenecks created by complex business issues. Its motive is to adopt a uniform approach to embrace change by bringing development and operation teams together. It helps in an organization by defining the development life cycle to optimize business processes for greater efficiency, quality, and speed, in turn ensuring that app the involved departments and parties communicate with each all the time.

Top 7 reasons to choose DevOps are:

1. Time-saving
2. Real-time information
3. Process Optimization
4. Greater Quality Analysis
5. Faster roll-out
6. Performance Optimizations
7. Security and Log Management

How does it work for your enterprise or Business?

Every organization needs continuous development and with that comes frequent releases for a single product or a list of products. DevOps services facilitate continuous development and continuous delivery for businesses whether you’re a start-up or a small and medium business, a group of companies or a big enterprise. It can help you bring your costs down with a faster release to market, testing, and quality analysis that generate revenue and bring client satisfaction. Apart from these, it will bring:

Benefits of using DevOps

It has been our experience that organizations that have worked with DevOps model will only develop their projects with only this methodology, for all their IT projects. And some have now even made it a standard process to include DevOps practices as a project operational requirements, as it is not only useful on papers but in practice too.

Core benefits of DevOps include but are not limited to:

1. Process optimization from Development to Production
2. Increasing customer retention with speedy business delivery
3. Faster code deployment
4. Greater Quality and few errors
5. Efficient business operations

Where can we help you with our customized DevOps?

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