Don’t Go For Xamarin App Development before reading this

Imagine that you own an eCommerce store selling products online via your website and you plan to reach out to the mobile app users. You have got an idea about mobile app development in mind. What next? You would have to build apps for iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone. Do you think that you will have to design three separate apps from the scratch?

No, you’re wrong. – Xamarin changes the rules of the game.

With Xamarin, you can build a base for all the three platforms and enter the market with a cross platform mobile app. Multiple devices, carriers, and software have given rise to the need of speed and quality of the mobile applications.

Developing Xaramin app is up to 66% cheaper than the alternatives

If you go for native app development, it requires different code for every platform. The development time increases followed by debugging and testing, which in turn increases the mobile app development cost. Xamarin not only helps you reduce time of development, but also saves a lot of money. As it contains reusable code 90% of which can be recycled for app development, users have a shortened product development lifecycle. Eventually, Xamarin app development helps you save a lot of costs.

Xamarin Forms makes it faster

Xamarin Forms is a library that works with Xamarin framework and allows the developers to share their app’s UI and logic for building cross platform apps. Xaramin forms aren’t just basic login forms – They are capable of doing a lot more. One can use features and gestures directly from Xamarin.Forms. They help to reduce the amount of development time and efforts needed to retain the user interface’s look and feel for different platforms.

Save more than 50% on development and up to 70% on maintaining your apps

Building mobile apps are the stepping stones. App owners need to maintain and update them from time to time. Xamarin is the winner in this as one can save up to 70% of the costs. Right from app development to maintenance, you save a lot of money with Xamarin app development.

Xamarin’s killer features

Without a doubt, the most important features of Xamarin are its ability to take advantage of Objective-C and Java Android libraries.

Swift libraries are not quite there yet, but the integration is going on.

A large part of most important native components are already integrated within Xamarin. You can just download them and enjoy its amazing benefits.

Benefits of Xamarin ecommerce Development

We have seen that B2B sales have exceeded B2C sales since the last few years. Some clever companies have already started building cross platform mobile apps for reaching a wider audience. There’s no doubt that Xamarin app development is speedier as it allows the coders to use the same code across iOS, Android, Windows, and other operating systems.

Industry experts expect the cross platform market to reach $ 10.5 billion by the end of 2019. Native app development is still popular, but the costs can hamper their growth in the coming years. Many B2B organizations and SaaS providers have started adopting Xamarin platform for application development. As the ecommerce industry is booming these days, more and more enterprises have started realizing the technology’s potential and have started investing in it to get results faster.

Benefits of Xamarin mobile development for B2B organizations include:

1. Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD)

Most of the B2B organizations look for accelerating the ecommerce app development. Xamarin speeds up the development as 90% and sometimes 100% of the code can be reused for various platforms. The coding is based on C# language and .Net libraries and so, it accelerates the pace of development cycle. This is a phenomenal part of using Xamarin for ecommerce app development. Enterprises can stay ahead in the race with this platform.

2. Cost Savings

Xamarin app development helps enterprises save significant amount of money. Companies of all the sizes can afford ecommerce application development. One doesn’t need to invest in any development infrastructure or software and so, Xamarin is known for its cost effectiveness. With a single team of Xamarin developers, you can create ecommerce app for multiple platforms. Companies that already use the Visual Studio can get Xamarin apps without any additional costs.

3. Native User experience and feel

Users expect consistency from the mobile apps and Xamarin can be the right pick for cross platform apps offering the same look and feel across multiple platforms. The same code can be shared across operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Xamarin Studio (IDE) allow C# coding to deliver native user interface and UI.

4. Advantage of C#

C# is a modern and pure object-oriented programming language. It allows simple data types to be treated as objects. It helps to avoid errors and facilitates developing of flawless program behavior. Xamarin app development companies use this feature to deliver error-free apps for enterprises.

5. Shared app code

Xamarin not only possesses a native user interface, but also offers luxury of sharing app code across different mobile platforms. This is the main reason why businesses choose to hire Xamarin developers for cross platform app development.

Xamarin is an all in one solution for your mobile development needs. One can build, test, deploy, and monitor apps across multiple platforms by leveraging this technology. Do you want to build your first cross platform app or need to upgrade the existing mobile apps? We have huge expertise in Xamarin mobile app development. We can help you get the best solutions to help your business grow.