Building a Beautiful Online Store: Ecommerce Website Design Tips and Advice by Experts

The most noticeable element was the eCommerce website design of each of the eCommerce stores that made a considerable difference in from the customers’ visits, shopping, staying, and signing up to the eCommerce store to the repeat visits to the same store in a shorter span of time.

When I was gliding through the different website for the purpose of finding the right position on my website, the idea of this write-up stuck in my mind. Then I started working on it and thoroughly studied a number of online eCommerce stores website, I observed,

  • Some companies had really amazing products at quite reasonable prices to offer to their customers but had very little or no virtual presence but were suffering from a less market share than they ought to have!
  • There were certain eCommerce sites that had everything to offer to their customers but were not up to the mark as compared to the ones I mentioned in the first place.

Here are some tips or you can say, my observations that might help you create a winning eCommerce website design.

Look and Feel that voice your brand:

The first and inevitable element is the feel and the look of your eCommerce website design that truly voice your brand in respect of your market stand and overall persona as a company. Suppose you are offering a range of cosmetics to female customers, you need to take care of the aspects like the feel, look, colors, use of the space on the website in respect of icons, texts etc that directly address your brand at the storefront.

Crystal clear graphics that convey the right message:

Even a single blurring graphic will cost you millions as most visitors won’t stay longer where they don’t find captivating images or graphics. High resolutions graphics always enliven your product or brand on your webpage and helps you market your products on other channels also.

Internal pages displaying products:

This aspect is vital from the point of view of, in fact, the core part of your eCommerce store. Your job is not over merely with a home page that is decent with galaxies of beautiful images and contents. You need to take care of the internal products pages with the proper categorization of the products you are offering to the customers.

For example, if you have categorized your products and taken care of optimizing this page in respect of search engine, you are sure to get a good traffic on your website.

You should be easy to approach:

Many a time, one loses a handsome business simply because a customer could not approach the seller in one or another way. What I wish to convey here is that you should have your phone number and/or button or box directing a customer to your Contact Us details on your website. This care will help you know where you are and what your customers want in the form feedback, their experiences, wishes, expectations from you.

Call to Action buttons:

It may seem to be a simple tip yet the neglect of the same at the time of creating the website design of your eCommerce store might be a hurdle to map-up the true picture of the position of your website. For example, a button for making payments, placing an order, wish-list, important link directing to another page or product description etc are some of the most common criteria that should be integrated in the design of your website.

Let me conclude with a beautiful quote by Bijay Chhetri,

“Design doesn’t mean that every person gonna like, love it.
But that’s the creativity of those eyes which creates something different.”

As the quote suggests, as an eCommerce store owner, you are expected to create a design not only for the sake of “Love & Like” belief but you have to take care of the usability of the customers visiting your online store.