Use of Mobile Apps for Seamless Event Management

For every event management company – saving time and providing the best experience for attendees are some of the top priority task and complicated too. Businesses where employees interact with customers, vendors and clients need to be equipped with the tools that allow them to be responsive. 

If event planners expect to keep their customers happy and loyal, they need to give them a better experience. That’s what mobile workforce management apps enable an event planning company to do.

Now event apps are in trend, it is trusted by planners, and Loved by attendees.

How is event platforms and Event management app proving helpful?

  • 60% of event planners say that event apps increase attendee engagement
  • 88% of event attendees said that access to meeting or event schedules in an event app is extremely important
  • 91% of event planners have seen a positive return on investment from event apps
  • 46% of event professionals plan more than 10 events a year
  • Event app powered events generate 42% more social media impressions
  • The cost of an event app is 1.2% of the budget for each attendee

What makes your event planning app a rock star?

Ease of Use for the Customers, Clients, and Attendees

An app designer needs to evaluate the ease of use with research and user feedback, just as to brands like Apple does in their products. A limited access to R&D resources has constrained many companies to access to the highest-quality and easiest-to-use enterprise mobility solutions.

The Argument for Usability, UX Design

A complex system is frustrating and demoralizing in events planning industry. Engagement and user-friendliness have a clear higher impact on the bottom line, customers should engage with fun and simple solutions.

The Path Forward, Futuristic Business App Solution

It should competitive edge in today’s marketplace, improve efficiency, limit errors and increase satisfaction. It will help new customers use the solution immediately, without lengthy training/learning requirements.

Ease of use can make your app a failure or success in event planning business. Increasing revenue, enhancing productivity, cutting costs, attracting more attendees and driving more leads are some of the common success checklists for event planners. Giving your business a right mobile app will help achieve these objectives.

Concerned about the return on your mobility investment? Consider how enhanced efficiencies gained can boost a business’s bottom line with an effective application.

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