How well your eCommerce store can perform with mCommerce

Increasing trend of the mobile devices in day to day life for varied purposes has led to invent and introduce numerous mobile applications ranging from health & fitness store to grocery stores online. Today, almost every business owner has been compelled to implement the mobile eCommerce store for the businesses online.

If we believe the statistics, an average person remains engaged on mobile for about 90 minutes a day and if make the calculations in respect of days or year, it will turn out to be 23 days a year or 3.9 years of one’s average life span. This is the reason that keeps every business’ eyes wide open and leads them to setup mobile eCommerce store.

Here are some research-based insights that will help you understand the significance of mCommerce.

The convenience of Shopping:

The figures of shopping and browsing through a mobile device reached from 145.9 million to 198.8 million and this is mainly because of the ease or convenience of shopping on mobile devices. What makes mobile devices easier is the convenience of shopping and research for a product irrespective of time and place.

Moreover, the mobile shopping is immensely changing the scenario due to the increased internet speed on the go making a purchase. The height of surprise is that people tend to search for a particular product even when they are making instore purchases.

However, business will have to make their mobile responsive websites to grab a better market share and stream lined conversions.

Better UX/UI:

The prime goal of getting more sales through online store can be well served by providing better user experience and interface. What is important for an online store owner is to keep in mind that his/her job is not over merely by creating a website with some good design.

You are expected to make it mobile friendly with multiple features and ease of the navigation while accessed through a mobile device.

Moreover, you must have noticed more and more mobile eCommerce store owners are coming up with stunning AR visuals or some interactive games to increase the customer engagement on their site. Yes, you can integrate explainer videos, intuitive themes, eye-catching graphics, and interactive contents.

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Increasing trend of Voice Search:

The three players in the arena are Apple, Google and more effectively performing well is Amazon Alexa/Echo. Voice search is altogether a new avenue for the marketer to optimize their online stores in respect of the searches made people across the globe.

Voice search immensely impact the success or failure of any online store as the ease of the finding something with a voice command makes it imperative for the eCommerce store owners to optimize it very minutely.

Impact of Generation Y & Generation Z:

These generations have deeper and direct impact on the mobile eCommerce store. According to statistics, approximately 60% of Generation Y (those born between 1984 and 1996) prefer mobile shopping whereas in case of Generation Z (those born between the mid-1990s to mid-2000s) is under deep influence of the social media platform irrespective of the motivators offered by the online stores.

Generation Z can be said to be the most preferable generation, especially for mobile eCommerce websites mainly because they have been born and grown in the era of the technological advancements and eCommerce store. Hence, this generation is more mobile shopping inclined than Generation Y.

Moreover, Generation Z can never hesitate to share their mobile shopping experiences with friends and followers on social media whereas the Generation Y might hesitate first to purchase through mobile and secondly to share their shopping experiences with their social media groups.

Ease of the use of Multiple Channels:

When you plan for a mobile eCommerce store, you need to think of the use of the multichannel or omnichannel. The term Omnichannel Search is used for the searches made for different websites through various mobile devices besides desktop.

What aspect you need to consider is the ROPO effect- Research Online and Purchase Offline. This is a usual tendency of buyers even today that they go for a deep research and then buy the same product from the instore. In order to boost your mobile eCommerce, you should integrate your online and offline stores with tricks and tweaks to make an effective sale.

Multi-channel buyers are potential buyers and have a great purchasing power to dispose of a handsome part of their disposable income with quicker decisions to make a purchase. If you succeed in bringing consistency in the shopping experience of the buyers, you can achieve a great deal of business even if you running your entire business online.


The best cake for the market share you can get only when you have an eye on every minute move besides the steps discussed above. Yes, mobile eCommerce is becoming wider and wider day by day with advancement in technology and gadgets, the only thing you can do is to keep yourself updated at the right time with the right strategy.