How to Choose IoT Application Development Company

You must have observed some of the finest apps have entered the industry during 2017 which have changed the internet use scenario and brought a drastic change in the life pattern of people at large. If you are a new bee entering the hustle and bustle of the smart devices apps development, it is imperative for you first to hire not the Best but the right Internet of Things development company.

IoT app development companies are in great demand especially for sensors, devices, web apps meant for both B2B and B2C mobile apps users. This scenario is found right now in IoT application development services in the USA. The selection of the right IoT app development company is significant from the point of view of both the IoT development agency and it’s client company as it ensures a healthy and long-term business relationship.

Future of IoT Market

The fastest pace of technological advancements in the gadgets, software and development processes has lifted up the mobile apps development process. There has been a significant change in the trend of the development of the app due to efficient interfaces and taken the IoT to the next level. This can be well grasped with the figures for the IoT by Research and Markets, PR Newswire,

“It will be worth from $170.57 billion in 2017 to $561.04 billion in 2020, with growth at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.9 percent.”

So undoubtedly, IoT is going to revolutionize the way live, do business and add value to the services rendered in different walks of life.

Checklist to Choose IoT Application Development Company

When you are planning to choose an IoT app development company, you need to be clear on two grounds:

  1. How IoT is going to reshape the mobile App Development Space.

  2. IoT App Development Expertise Relevant to Your Industry.

How IoT is going to reshape the mobile App Development Space:

A new scale of connectivity
IoT is conceptualized basically to do away with different controllers, sensors, gadgets through multiple connectivity options. Therefore, it goes without saying that the IoT mobile apps will have to cope with various platforms, devices, and operating systems. And the mobile apps developers are required to seek the solutions to assemble together technology, smartphones, wearables, and consumer electronics. Learn more about other applications of IoT.

M-commerce applications
The increasing trend of the online stores and innumerable transactions online has opened up a new horizon of the apps. There is a huge scope for the mobile app developers to grab this opportunity by providing the solutions for smartphones connectivity to complete an online transaction and harmonize the online shopping process.

Big data integration
There is always tremendous flow and consumption of the data used by different industry verticals every day. This incoming and outgoing flow of the uncountable data can lead to the crashes or mis-behavior of the application and hence the developers are required to craft a mobile application that can tackle these glitches with ease.

Security threats
This may be one of the toughest challenges the developers are required to crack. There are varieties of devices, operating systems, and connection protocol which are prone to a high risk. While working on the IoT environment, the developers will be required to fix these issues with perfect security measures and ensure the safety of the data.

IoT App Development Expertise Relevant to Your Industry

What you need to consider while you are developing an idea for IoT is that there is much more to the IoT devices than merely the smart homes. This is mainly because of the versatility of the concepts, ideas and human desire to communicate through the internet in every walk of life be it transportation, connected cars, industrial internet and so on. The following are some of the important aspects that you should consider while selecting an IoT app developer for your mobile application who possess expertise relevant to your industry.

Client’s Feedback and Review
While choosing an IoT developer, you can have a look at the testimonials given by the clients and also ask for a list of the applications developed by the IoT development company. Moreover, with the details of the earlier clients, you can also directly contact them and get the feedback on the work performance of the developers you are going to hire.

Offers Out-of-the-box Services
You will find similar services with some different features in one or the other form. Therefore, it would be wiser to have a tie with the app development company that can have a detailed counseling with you prior to initiating the project. Besides these, the terms of payments and post-development services need to be clear at the outset.

Security of the App Idea
You must choose the IoT development company that can ensure the security of the data, the concept of your app. In simple words, the developer company should assure you that your dream app idea will neither be shared, stolen or copied by anyone else in any form.

IoT App Design and Development Standards
This is a very crucial aspect as the prominent marketplaces like App Store or Android have their very specific set of the standards that you need to follow to get into the desired store. These standards are actually meant for aligning the application with the ecosystem of the operating system. Therefore, it is not only the development standards but also the design standards need to be followed.

Trusted QA and testing Measures
Your application has to be tested manually as well as on automation testing to ensure the international quality standards compliance. This will ease the path of submission of your app on the desired marketplaces.

You should also make it sure that the company you are hiring has got the well-equipped infrastructure to develop your application. You must not choose a company which you find to outsource your project merely because of the insufficient infrastructure.

Design and Development Tips for IoT Applications by Experts:

The IoT mobile apps are very crucial for both the developers and designers and they need to take care of the following aspects:

  • As a business owner, you need to decide the levels of the IoT applications. For example, you should be clear from the outset which devices the developers are going to develop the application for, infrastructure and software to be used, data management and above all how the complete design of the IoT app would look from the end-user perspective.
  • The second aspect is concerned with the ready-made IoT platform where designers can work on the end products. There is a comparatively wider range of companies offering the IoT apps building platforms.
  • The third aspect is concerned with the scalability of the app with the advancement in technology and updates. Your app should be adaptive to the upcoming new advancements.
  • Your app should be equipped with in-built security features like authentication and encryption considering the upcoming advancements.

The changes are manifold taking place around and so with the IoT app development companies. One more addition is there every day with out of the box idea which makes the job of the developers more challenging. Being innovative and educating one’s self-makes the path of development smoother, no matter how challenging and the futuristic app is to be developed. At i-Verve, we help companies build IoT Proof concepts, contact us to know more.