Why Ecommerce Store Owners Love ERP Integration With Magento?

In today’s busy times, nobody has time and they want things faster and easy. No wonder why most of the people choose online shopping via ecommerce sites as it is a convenient and easier option these days. Ecommerce stores may have a large products list and managing them becomes a tedious task.

Do you have an online store selling thousands of products under different categories? Are you looking for a simpler management of your inventory? ERP system can be integrated with Magento websites to change the whole scenario and manage all the information related to product list, inventory, orders, shipping, and delivery of orders. If you want to upgrade your existing Magento store, you may get in touch with us.

Magento ERP integration makes business easy

Magento ERP integration is a boon for ecommerce businesses, and it is growing day by day. Management of business becomes easier with Magento ERP integration. It is crucial to integrate application data and user data with the growth of enterprise activities.

ERP integration does magic to Magento online stores. There are plenty of ERP systems available for integration. A well integrated ERP system helps to automate the repetitive manual tasks and improves the customer service. Ecommerce merchants utilize ERP integration solutions for their Magento stores to save a lot of time, reduce the costs, and reduce the errors. It simplifies online selling, marketing, and enhances customer satisfaction. Maintain a competitive advantage with ERP integration with Magento store and deliver products faster.

What are the key factors to select Magento 2 ERP solution?

Following are the key factors to consider in the Magento 2 ERP integration for your business:

  • Company size
  • Accounting Software
  • POS and Fulfilment Operations
  • ERP Solution Features
  • ERP + Magento 2 Integration

Benefits of Magento-ERP Integration

1) Data Management

Reduced Multiple Storage:
Enables every member to log in and have held to their data. Prevents from storing data at multiple data platforms with multiple login credentials.

Centralized data:
Database stored, located, and maintained in a single location that makes the operations run smooth and helps members to track and monitor how others are getting the things performed, getting them ahead with their actions.

Flexible data mobility:
It is a must for employees to have access to corporate files, applications, and services to improve business sales, product development, and customer satisfaction. Integrating ERP enables employees to get full access to data where and when needed.

Synchronizing Data:
ERP software can synchronize and manage data between two or more devices, ensures accurate, secure compliant data, and successful team and customer experience.

Analytics and Reporting:
ERP is designed robustly that not only smoothens the operations but also tracks and records every ins and outs, creates detailed reports, and gives utmost insights that help in making the fruitful decision.

Round the Clock access:
When integrated with ERP, your employees can update information in real-time and you can monitor every single update of the orders and stocks from anywhere anytime.

2) Business Task Automation

Business Process Automate:
It is a digital transformation of daily business operations including manual work performed with human interference where this is introduced with technology-enabled automation of a complex business process that streamlines business for simplicity, increases service quality, and saves time and cost.

Less human errors and duplication:
90% of typos and duplicates are recorded with human interference in the business process hence, a technology-enabled software solution automates the process ad helps you in achieving business goals with fewer human errors and duplications.

Increase productivity:
Automation helps in completing 70% of human tasks with ease that increases productivity which means you can use human time in other key areas of the business to produce a quality product, improving customer services and customer supports.

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3) Business Performance

Boost credibility and trust:
With ERP, real-time information can be updated about the stock availability with Accurate pricing throughout the website that will generate more trust among the customers.

Tweak collaboration:
ERP allows employees of all departments to update information, enables collaboration across the department within the company to keep informed and updated with the latest information.

Customizable to business needs:
Not every ERP software fits your business needs, thus ERP software is customizable and you can make changes to its functionalities and features as per your business requirement.

Streamlines business processes:
ERP integrations reduce human interaction by 60% that ensures fewer errors and reduction of costs and also helps in improving workflow, management process, and business operations.

4) Lucrative Profitability

Growing sales conversions:
ERP keeps a record of every customer’s database with their detailed report that includes product ordered and user behavior which you can use to reach them again with new offers and increase sales.

Less IT and Training costs:
ERP is alone a solution for a bunch of business operations and problems thus you do not have to spend on different-different software and neither for hiring IT, staff.

Rescale business:
ERP helps you rescale your business as it enables you to get more work and productivity with less resource

More time more projects:
As 70% of labour task is performed and completed by ERP software which means employees can use these time in focusing more in labour oriented work, improving product quality, boost productivity with customer satisfaction ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors at all stages of rivalry.

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5) lexible and Omni channel order management with Magento ERP

“Centralized order management, on-time delivery on multiple GEO and Channels”

Sales order tracking across channels:
Be it offline or online (website) you can keep record and track of all orders and stock in real-time from your Magento backend.

Easy order fulfilment:
Process the order, ship items utilizing the drop shipping services to save inventory cost from the suitable warehouse.

Successful Order Delivery across channels and locations:
You can give a variety of delivery options to your customers like buy online and pick up from store, home product delivery, and more to increase.

6) Advance and Real-time reports in Magento ERP

“Your centralized retail ERP saves operation costs, runs daily operations efficiently, and makes success-oriented decisions.”

Accurate transaction details:
Magento ERP allows the record of all offline and online transactions into the Magento backend that reduces the time of accounting and manual synchronizing.

Store performance Monitoring:
It helps you in monitoring entire business operations that include tracking of store performance, sales, and revenue of each store and allows you to compare between the locations to identify the best performing store and product.

Track employee performance:
As ERP allows to update data and performance to each employee, you can track the contribution made by each staff member and reward the best employee to encourage in giving, even more, best to improve store performance and increase productivity.

7) Magento ERP that’s customizable, easy to maintain, and expandable with your business

“Integrate customizable Magento ERP solution with no hidden charge and one-time fee to your business productivity.”

On-demand Customization:
Describe your Retail business needs and daily business process to our experts to help you with the best fit solution and custom Magento ERP tailored to your business niche and needs.

One-time payment with no hidden fees:
Pay one time for the solution without any hidden fees and you can also add more users when you open more stores.

Easy maintenance:
No hassle to hire multiple teams and spend on them, just hire one dedicated team from Magento ERP Integration Company to maintain both online and offline channels. To get a free consultation and affordable Magento ERP integration you can get support from i-verve.com.

When is the good time to integrate Magento 2 store to an ERP system

One of the biggest reasons to integrate ERP with your Magento 2 store is to create a common or centralized IT platform across the company when the company is stepping upward with the increase of staff, product, order, and heavy database traffic.

When you are no longer able to manage the business process, daily duties and operations consume more and more time, resources and money are spent with no gain assured then you need a solution that streamlines and automates the business process. And that is Magento ERP.

Not able to manage the business process is not a negative signal but a positive signal of growth that you are getting more traffic, more customer engagement than driving heavy data traffic on your human managers who now needs eCommerce ERP integration to smooth the daily business activities and avoid future problems.

ERP integration solutions for Magento 2 will help you with the following:

  • Bringing the multiple management platforms into one and solving multi-platform issues
  • Maintains and improves business performance across the department in a down economy
  • Standardizes business process and practices
  • Increases and improves employee and management engagement with real-time interaction

Improved Import & Export Magento 2 Extension

There are many more 3rd parties Magento 2 ERP extensions that can be discussed but here we are listing down core features of the Improved Import and Export Magento 2 modules:

  • All types of products are supported
  • Extensions allows uploading 3000 plus product per minute
  • Move TXT, XML, and CSV files from and to your store
  • Enable to perform any integration without needing programming skills
  • Automatically upload and sync external product list to your website
  • Import-Export of any custom data structure using mapping
  • Smooth and free import of values, attributes, and categories
  • Stress-less export of all types of data like orders, invoices, shipping, and more
  • One file to manage millions of products

Along with the features mentioned above, you can also integrate your Magento 2 website to various ERP systems that suit your business niche and needs. Check out the list below:

  • SAP S/4HANA. The advanced ERP is designed for major industries to automate complex business tasks and enhance business daily operations. Magento 2 SAP S/4HANA integration.
  • Microsoft Dynamics. A popular cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Customer relationship management (CRM). Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics Integration.
  • Odoo. Magento 2 Odoo Integration. A business management software tool designed to excel business performance at every department of the businesses like CRM, eCommerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management.
  • Oracle Netsuite. An ERP software designed for companies to manage inventory, track financials, host eCommerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management. Magento 2 Oracle Netsuite Integration.
  • SYSPRO. Magento 2 SYSPRO Integration ERP for a variety of industries automating the business tasks like accounting, manufacturing, and distribution operations across locations.
  • Deltek. With Magento 2 Deltek Integration, a Cloud-based project-based solution with a user-friendly interface combines project accounting, resource management, project management, time/expenses management, and business development in one product.
  • Infor. An ERP Designed to help distribution and manufacturing companies run core business operations. Magento 2 Infor Integration.
  • Kronos. Magento 2 Kronos Integration. Designed to simplify tedious tasks involved with monitoring time and attendance, data collection, and labour tracking.
  • Intact. A single real-time, truly flexible, and robust ERP solution to enable to operate at its best combining various tools. Magento 2 Intact Integration.
  • Ecount ERP. Cloud transport software a fully integrated, robust data management system for a variety of industries. Magento 2 Ecount ERP integration.

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Best Magento ERP System Offering an Array of Operational Capabilities

Magento ERP integration is not just performed and implemented to automate daily business tasks and operations and improve store efficiency but it works similarly to AI and ML as it provides all important data that every businessman needs to enhance the performance of the store, improve inventory costs, boosts cash flow, better customer service, enhance business reportingcost-saving supply chain managementbusiness process improvementbetter dataand cloud security and more. Magento ERP offers several business-oriented proficiency for smallmedium, and enterprise-grade level industries.

  • Improved Collaboration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Finance and Account Management
  • Easier Compliance and Risk Management
  • Inventory Management and Monitoring
  • Enhanced data security and secrecy
  • Wealth Saving
  • Automated & Accurate Business Processes
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Business Process Applications
  • Custom Integration Solutions
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Production & ROI Planning
  • Effective Resource Management

The best Magento 2 ERP system integration services offered by i-Verve Inc!

I-Verve Inc, is a leading ERP integration and app development company committed to offering time-tested contribution with customized ERP solution tailored to business needs by innovation in the field of ERP integration services that helps companies like yours to sell B2C/B2Bmanage inventory effectivelywork remotelyautomate business processesincrease sales and reduce costs.

Below are the business solutions mentioned Integrating ERP software Magento by i-verve.

Finance and Account Management:
The core and heart of every business is the finance and accounts department. With the help of ERP integration services for Magento, ERP acts as a financial management system to ensure credit management across the business, makes it easier to access, share and collaborate business data, revenue tracking, and customer payment schedules.

Production Management Module:
The production management module of an ERP is designed to gather the production process, helps in converting raw materials into finished goods. The ERP business integration solution for magneto helps to handle the business process related to the production of a company, enables collaboration across the department to keep a track of stock availability and stay updated with real-time information, optimizes the use of manufacturing capacity, components, parts, and material resources.

Supply Chain Management:
Magento ERP Integration module with supply chain management (SCM) offers a more effective way to manage procurement and supply of goods, services, and resources across the chain. The ERP in Supply Chain Management takes care of all elements of SCM from handling manufacturing and warehouse resources to managing transportation processes.

Customer Relation Management:
Magento CRM features as a part of Ecommerce ERP integration services helps in managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers, stay connected to customers, streamline processes and improve profitability.

Human Resource Management Solutions:
There are many Human Resource Management Software available in the market like Deputy, Kissflow HR cloud, Ultipro, and more designed with customizable workflows, centralized database, rule-based engine, and in-built reporting module. The Magento ERP integrated services by i-verve help to maintain accurate and compliant information, increases HR productivity by automating routine processes, and gives the organization complete workforce visibility to optimize performance.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:
Integrating ERP system helps you in many forms from which one is providing accurate report and analytics that empowers the organization to take well informed and calculative business decision.

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Payment Options and Solutions:
The Magento eCommerce store usually performs either nationwide or at the international level where there are few selected popular payment gateways needed to be integrated to ease your customer’s buy and easily pay without any hustle. i-verve Magento ERP integration and services offer the store’s most common, popular, and secure payment gateway integration.

How i-Verve Inc Magento ERP integration services are better from other integration service providers?

We provide end-to-end integrated solutions for your Magento 2 stores and all other eCommerce stores build using other technologies. i-verve has a certified Magento team of developers that are passionate about what they do, gathers necessary information from clients and treats your project like it’s their own, and assures the task is completed and delivered on time. We follow a standard, comprehensive, and step-by-step approach to take you through a smooth and seamless Magento Integration.

We follow a unique integration factor for ERP business integration solutions for Magento that makes i-verve the best Integration development company:

Simplified Installation:
We understand your business domain, requirement and use the standard process and integrate the ready-made software if it suits your business and if it requires customization we make a customization strategy to add features according to your business needs.

Our experienced developers use the standard and simplified method to install the ERP software that assures a user-friendly dashboard and highly intuitive navigation that make it easy for non-techy to operate the system.

Dedicated Team:
You can hire a dedicated team from i-verve that has a deep understanding of various domains, client’s projects, business goals and help with customization if and when your business required it to streamline your business process.

Interactive UI:
Your employees and you must understand what your software is made for and what each function works like, to make this possible you need highly intuitive and interactive UI/UX. i-verve has a team of experienced full-stack developers that build and design a highly intuitive and self-explaining user interface that can help the user perform all operations with ease and enjoy the automated system.

Affordable Cost Development:
We provide both standard and affordable integration development services compare to other service providers. You can rely on us as we only have experienced developers to perform the integration that assures no mistakes and on-time delivery.

Ongoing and post deployment Support:
We understand and believe support is equally important as development and deployment for the success of any business. We provide 24/7 ongoing and post-deployment support and maintenance services that include technical assistance, rapid assistance on any query regarding installation, configuration, and operating system.

Multiple Features:
Leveraging the technology expertise and various domain industry experience of integrating ERP, we know business productivity with the sales enhancement is the actual goal for which rich features are a must. We integrate feature-rich ERP software that assures all that a business seeks.

User-Friendly Navigation:
Ecommerce ERP integration services offered by i-verve is performed by highly experienced developers that make user-interface highly intuitive and easy to navigate for all, be it management, employee, or a non-techy person.

What next?

It is important to choose the right Magento development services provider company to help you integrate your Magento ecommerce store with the right ERP system. We are backed up with expert certified Magento 2 developers who think out of the box and help clients achieve their business goals easily. We can help you choose the right ERP system matching your requirements and make integration easier.