Magento ERP Integration

In today’s busy times, nobody has time and they want things faster and easy. No wonder why most of the people choose online shopping via ecommerce sites as it is a convenient and easier option these days. Ecommerce stores may have a large products list and managing them becomes a tedious task.

Do you have an online store selling thousands of products under different categories? Are you looking for a simpler management of your inventory? ERP system can be integrated with Magento websites to change the whole scenario and manage all the information related to product list, inventory, orders, shipping, and delivery of orders. If you want to upgrade your existing Magento store, you may get in touch with us.

Magento ERP integration makes business easy

Magento ERP integration is a boon for ecommerce businesses, and it is growing day by day. Management of business becomes easier with Magento ERP integration. It is crucial to integrate application data and user data with the growth of enterprise activities.

ERP integration does magic to Magento online stores. There are plenty of ERP systems available for integration. A well integrated ERP system helps to automate the repetitive manual tasks and improves the customer service. Ecommerce merchants utilize ERP integration solutions for their Magento stores to save a lot of time, reduce the costs, and reduce the errors. It simplifies online selling, marketing, and enhances customer satisfaction. Maintain a competitive advantage with ERP integration with Magento store and deliver products faster.

Benefits of Magento-ERP Integration

Flexibility– Less Manual Process

There are a lots of ERP systems available for integration. Minimize manual entries of orders, inventory, products, client & shipping information and increase productivity.


In case if Magento installation is presently running on https/SSL, the information between Magento and ERP system can reconsider this encrypted association, so the information transition is completely anonymous and secure.

Data Synchronization

Prices, stock, products, orders, etc. of the choices is synchronal between Magento and ERP system.

Stock/Price Updates

Any changes created in worth or stock in ERP is automatically transferred to Magento keeping all the information up-to-date.

Magento – ERP Integration Solutions

There are many different ways for Magento ERP Integration, however we prepared three the most standard ways in which the both platforms can be clubbed together. Let’s take a glance closely at each option:

Point-to-Point Solutions

Magento and ERP are “pointed” at one other to synchronize data. However, managing data cannot be done directly as there’s no operational platform between the two of them. There will an additional system to manage the data.

These type of solutions are affordable (like $100 more or less month), which may be a good option for smaller retailers. For growing retailers, however, you’ll run into some issues. Hence, point-to-point solutions are not advisable for small or medium-sized ecommerce businesses.

A point-to-point integration doesn’t yield the maximum amount of flexibility as you add the sales channels. You’ll have to re-configure your integration every time you add a new channel. It’s untidy and you may get stuck in between if you need to manage a huge online store.

Custom Magento–ERP Integration

A good way to integrate Magento with ERP is to opt for custom integration. It means you’re able to build own custom integration, which can work using both applications programming interfaces (APIs) to synchronize the data needed.

Whether you need to integrate items, orders data, stocks, clients, shipping data, Customers, Inventory, Product Data, Customer Groups, Invoice Data, Credit Memos, Transactions, Tax Rules or something else, it becomes possible with custom integration.

Of course, custom integrations are complex and expensive. That’s why there are companies that actually offer these services as their primary service offering. i-Verve has huge expertise in custom integration of Magento and ERP systems. We understand the exact clients’ requirements and offer custom ERP integration solutions with Magento 2. We help businesses achieve their business goals with Magento ERP integration solutions.

Multichannel Integration Platform

The multichannel solution needs to be specifically designed to integrate systems like Magento and ERP systems. This option already includes operational hub to store and this type of integration requires knowledge. The data types such as item, inventory, order, customer, and shipping are automatically synchronized with multichannel integration platform.

This platform makes use of pre-built connectors and integration becomes easier with it. Though this is a pricier approach, it is suitable for an SMB or enterprise sellers. You can scale up your business with this approach.

What next?

It is important to choose the right Magento development services provider company to help you integrate your Magento ecommerce store with the right ERP system. We are backed up with expert certified Magento 2 developers who think out of the box and help clients achieve their business goals easily. We can help you choose the right ERP system matching your requirements and make integration easier.

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