What’s New About Ruby on Rails 2.6?

Ruby on Rails is a boon for programmers as it requires less coding. It facilitates swift and quick development of websites and apps. Some of the big players in the industry use Ruby for developing complex applications. Being a cross platform solution, it is ideal for start-ups and small businesses. New business ventures looking for establishing their foot in the market can opt for RoR development to get cost effective websites.

Ruby on Rails speed up the development

Ruby on Rails has a huge library to speed up the development of sites. It helps to save 20-50% of the time required for building websites when compared to other languages. RoR components can be reused and so, one can expect the solutions faster. Highly scalable solutions can be built using Ruby on Rails. Do you want to change the developer working on your RoR project? Are you worried about the costs of development as the other developer would have to start from the scratch? Ruby on Rails facilitates clean coding and even if a developer leaves coding, you can hire another programmer who will be able to pick the project exactly from the previous one had left.

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Every new version of Ruby comes with unique features and improvements. Some of the new features of Ruby 2.6 are:

1. Endless ranges

Ruby 2.6 comes with endless range, which works as if it has no end. A new syntax has been introduced to represent endless range. For example: (1..Float::INFINITY).

2. Arithmetic Sequences

A new type of Enumerable object is introduced in the latest version of Ruby.

There are two ways to get ArithmeticSequence:

  • Range#step
  • Numeric#step

An ArithmeticSequence determines the number of elements and also the first and the last element.

3. New Exception option

An exception keyword has been added for Kernel methods such as Integers, Rational, Float, and Complex. The behavior can be controlled with this keyword.

4. Random Bytes

Ruby 2.6 comes with a new method “bytes” for Binding class. SecureRandom offered this functionality previously, but now it is an in-built feature offered by Ruby 2.6. Moreover, Random Bytes is 8x faster than SecureRandom.

5. Hash merging with multiple arguments

Ruby 2.6 comes with a new % method to Range. Hash#merge was capable of taking only one argument till Ruby 2.5. RoR developers could merge more than two hashes by chain calls to #merge. With Ruby 2.6, programmers can now pass multiple hashes to the method.

6. Trace Points

Ruby 2.6 adds this new parameters method – TracePoint class – to help you trace all the events such as class definitions, method calls, and threads.

7. Transient Heap

This is a performance improvement method for short-lived objects. Transient Heap helps to reduce the issue of memory fragmentation and slow calls to malloc. Some of the other objects that benefit from Transient heap are arrays, struct, and regular objects.

8. Array methods and unions

Ruby 2.6 comes with two new methods: Union and Difference. These new methods take multiple arguments.

9. Range#%

A new % method is a great feature of Ruby 2.6.

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