Impressive E-commerce Growth: Thanks to Ecommerce Platform & the Power of Social Influencers

E-commerce & Technology startups are one of the leading sectors in the employment and business growth. As per the latest report by Industry Association Ecommerce Europe the e-commerce industry is projected to be worth €602 billion ($685 billion) at the end of 2017.

So what are the reasons for this whopping 14% (YoY) growth after a setback in year 2016! The growth is resulting in jobs in e-commerce & technology startups which are likely to grow by 14.94%.

Some Interesting facts:

With the rise of online purchases, e-commerce could create 20 million ‘gross’ jobs across logistics & delivery (70%), customer care, and IT & management (30%).

There are several reasons behind this impressive e-commerce growth:

  • Digital market strategy is removing physical barriers in online trade.
  • Inclination of younger generation towards online purchasing.
  • Increasing sales in comparatively younger markets for ecommerce sector.
  • Impact of mobile e-commerce is playing its role. The desktop is still the most common destination for online commerce.
  • Use of more powerful e-commerce platforms like – Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and more.
  • Use of strategic ecommerce marketing efforts – like the use of influencers and social influencers to increase the brand exposure.
  • Improvement in Internet connectivity and security over World Wide Web.
  • Effective use of digital marketing.

How can a new ecommerce startup company become successful?

There is a lot going on at the battleground – competitors may have already acquired traffic, secured influencers and even ready to lose money to secure sales but we don’t think this move will help you sustain in long run.

We suggest startups and companies who are planning their venture in ecommerce to make right investments and create a competitive advantage for customers because average or underperforming websites are not able to catch with the fast pace of growing ecommerce market.

Tips to secure your share in this growing market, if you are already planning to test your fate!

Improve your product – Your Ecommerce website or Online Store

It’s become very important to devote your most of time making your website more engaging, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines and mobile devices. As per a report by Adobe – consumers are spending less time on websites. And in those few seconds, your ecommerce store website should server products or resources as per consumer’s intent.

Choose best ecommerce development partners to build trendy online stores.

Engagement in Battleground – Paid Search, Social Media Marketing

Because customers are spending less time and the number of ecommerce stores and online marketplaces is increasing day by day. If you want to be successful increase your battlefronts, add digital marketing and creative content marketing efforts in your marketing efforts.

E-commerce Platform Selection – Fast and Engaging

Choose the niche ecommerce platform based on your products. There should be ways to integrate social influencers in a bid to boost brand visibility and drive sales. SEO optimized structure, easy navigation, secure and one-page checkouts, engaging user-experience and competitive advantage.

Big brands have already started picking up on this trend and are customizing online stores, marketplaces and ecommerce websites to integrate ways to engage with social influencers to increase brand exposure.

About Author:
i-Verve is globally established software, app, and web Development Company, helping startups and established businesses with their digital transformation solutions to sustain and grow online. It has invested years to gain expertise into developing solid technology solutions for ecommerce platforms to reduce manual processes and streamline operations and drive results from marketing efforts.