5 Tips for companies looking to outsource their IT projects

Playing in today’s high-tech arena with mediocre and lousy quality work has unintended consequences. And having a Dropping sales and business inquiries along with lower profit margins is just the beginning. In this era of high-definition tech revolutions every business owner is expected to utilize their business tools with utmost precision and sharpened blades.

In my career spanning a decade in tech and IT industry, I’ve had a chance to work with many professionals and few not-so professionals (clowns). I’ve worked with small businesses, outsourcing agencies, consultants, fortune companies and expert freelancers to build custom software and many mobile and desktop applications including ecommerce shops and web solutions.

To sustain and grow, businesses need heavy online artillery that can bring customer attention and revenue. And to maintain this arsenal, businesses require ever evolving and ongoing technical support for which most of them turn to their offshore partners. Most projects and work is done successfully, but as I mentioned some gets stuck.

I’ve listed down few avoidable circumstances that businesses should consider about their outsourcing partners.

1.Project requirement discussions:

Discuss your project requirement in details with the team and not individually with the sales person. As discussion with the team will ensure you get expert advice and early resolution to your issues and solutions for your project.

2.Insist on a packaged deal:

Most businesses request individual support or customized requirements but end up paying a lot just because you are unaware of the changes that will be required in future or complex issues that might come up. A packaged deal might be 10-25% higher than the customized one but it will ensure that you get covered for the entire duration of the project and regarding all the issues.

3.Fixed costs:

Insist on fixing costs and prices for hiring an expert or hiring an entire team starting from designers, coders and project managers. Floating or hourly/weekly/monthly billing will restrict you from getting more iterations and customization with your project. Also, fixing a price is convenient as it will give you a fair idea about the budget.


Establish a clear communication line and expectation from your offshore partner. That will help you in payment terms; project and work outline of each individual and clear the air on responsibilities.


Draft, Sign and maintain a clear Scope of Work (SOW) document with your partner. This will help you reduce your woes in future after project completion. It will contain all the necessary points from consultation to maintenance and beyond. Also, save all the emails that you’ve sent for requests or other communications, just in case you need them at any time.

My personal opinion as a CEO of i-Verve; a medium sized IT company based In USA and Development Center in India, all your technology requirements be it customized software development or app and website development and maintenance can be outsourced and performed immaculately by your outsourcing partner. We’ve helped companies in making money from their application and software development. It helps in bringing down costs and more critically frees us time required for business development and other important tasks at hand. Also, you can demand greater services from your partner to efficiently run your online operations.

We believe in clearly defining scope and communication lines from the word go. We jot down your requirements and deliberate on them from inception to completion with same zeal. It pays to be honest and articulate clearly defined scope and expectations than taking your clients for a royal ride and fleece money. My single minded aim has been to provide our client best of services for all their digital and IT requirements.

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