How Mobile App Development is Driving Growth for Ecommerce & Retail Shops

With smartphones and mobile applications largely used by end users, there is no surprise in E-commerce and retail shops investing in mobile applications to appeal the online customers. Mobile ready websites are serving this purpose but the use of e-commerce mobile apps has increased. E-commerce mobile app development is the best option to stay tuned with customers 24/7.

Worldwide leader Statistic says that retail E-commerce sales global in 2017 have enhanced a lot and it’s likely to skyrocket in 2020.

Opting mobile app as part of the approach has played a vital role in the huge sales record listed by the industry. While Gartner 2017 study claims that mobile engagement performance of US customers will be the key driving factor behind the 50% of mobile commerce income in the country.

Let’s dive into the top reasons for why a mobile app can boost E-commerce business and retail shop revenue by leaps and bounds.

Personalized User Experience:

A mobile app for E-commerce and retail shops enables you to engage personally with your target customers. For example, you can add your app to social media sites and offer to chat and text choices. Mobile analytics tools can be incorporated into your app, enabling you to learn more about your shoppers’ buying habits. With such data, you can be able to send personalized promotional materials and provides to individual shoppers. Personalization will eventually boost traffic and higher conversion.

In trends:- Customers have become more tech savvy now and want to go to a store that uses the latest technology. This is where a retail software solution like POS management system can help a retailer.

Increase in Customer Loyalty:

With your own E-commerce and Retail mobile app you can maintain communication with your customers even while they are on the move. Push notifications can be used to send direct messages to them about your latest offerings. With a mobile app for e-commerce or retail, you can gain loyal customers as they have downloaded and installed your app on their devices and haven’t been sent to your site with online ads or searches.

Instead of one-time customers, you can get loyal customers since they have a suitable mode of shopping and paying for their purchases. You can also put a loyalty rewards program to draw new consumers and maintain existing ones.

Better Conversion Rate:

The best thing about e-commerce apps is that they permit you to incorporate features such as social media and product videos to assist you to boost your conversion rate. Your site is also gladly available, which is a big benefit for the countries with poor IT infrastructure. You can also optimize your site for organic searches and make it available for people with disabilities. Product and Testimonials recommendations can also be offered to your visitors with a mobile app for e-commerce, which will go a long way in making them more possible to buy from you.

Increase in-store buying experience:

You can create a better in-store and online shopping experience for your customers with an E-commerce and retail mobile app. If you run a physical store besides your E-commerce platform, shoppers who visit your store can enjoy shopping if they have an app that shows them accurately where goods are placed in a store. The app can also be incorporated into Google Maps to demonstrate them directions to your store(s). Moreover, you can use physical tagging to send push notifications when shoppers are near to retail space such as when they visit a mall where your store is located.

In trend:- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that helps a business in automating and managing its different business processes. Syspro ERP system & WaveSoft ERP integration streamline the processes which are modeled for greater efficiency.

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Retail Apps are Addictive:

Customers love using retail apps and that’s why mobile app development for E-Commerce store is vital. Flexibility and Convenience are the driving factors and more people are now using mobile apps to window shop. Recently a survey conducted states that it is found that 86% of respondents have an E-commerce app and that 59%, in fact, used their app numerous times a week. A retail app is ordinary and this why customers choose them over web-based stores.

Improved Usability:

Unlike a web page, e-commerce mobile app development means that you don’t have to wait for a page for loading or go through a time-consuming procedure whenever you require to purchase or shop for anything. An app also enhances interactivity, which can enable you to offer high definition images, sophisticated interactions and various animations for your users. Special functionality can be built into your retail app enabling smoother navigation and thus save time.

To conclude:

Retail apps are the future and a mobile application developer can assist your company collects the advantages of mobile e-commerce. Smartphone owners are now gradually more using their devices to shop and search for goods. A mobile app is also suitable and offers a customized user experience that many shoppers now prefer. Perhaps the best thing about a mobile app is that it supports users to become return shoppers rather than one-time customers.