What makes a top web development company? Secret Revealed!

Website development has a huge and still untapped market. A survey conducted by CNBC/SurveyMonkey found out that 45% of the businesses still don’t have a website. It is even more exciting to know that 57.7% of small and medium-sized businesses are willing to invest in website designing or redesigning.

Featuring among the top website developers is something you must be dreaming of, but what makes the top companies stand apart from the rest? To find this, we did a lot of research and have studied the reasons behind the success of large web development companies. We have found some qualities that are common in these companies. Below is a compilation of such qualities.

Here are the top 10 qualities of a good Web Development Company:

1. Well-Developed Process:

They have the people and process in place to provide the kind of ongoing enhancements and support that their clients need. They have everything running so systematically that the scope of error is reduced because of the structure of their system only.

2. Clear communication with customers:

It is important to properly discuss and entertain every query of the customer. A good Web Development Company always discusses the pros and cons of any design changes upfront. Miscommunication leads to misunderstandings which can often be disastrous. The professionals in the best companies have the answers to all the questions that may arise in mind of the client and have the ability to make them feel comfortable.

3. Understand their limits:

An important attribute of a good company is the ability to understand their limitations. They know what is possible and what is not. Their designers don’t sell them dreams that are unachievable for the company or with the available technologies. They also have a good estimate about the time the project will take. They don’t believe in selling snake oil.

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4. Skilled workforce:

They have in-house web development skills and professionals for constant website issues and redo of functions. These companies not only make your website, they also maintain them and take the responsibility to fix any kind of issue that may arise. They can do this because they have hired the best of the talent which was available.

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5. Large pool of talent:

Companies that are leaders in web development have professionals who are assigned a task that requires a particular skill in which they are good. They have a large pool of in-house team which results in a dedicated and fully responsible staff, and there is no switching of tasks between them. In this way, they avoid the possibility of miscommunication between their team and thereby, chances of failure of the project.

6. Better Project Management:

They have Project managers and management who knows how to manage many projects and related ongoing issues and needs. Their management and Project managers do not prioritize projects in case they get a big project. They make sure each project is handled with equal care. They have a proper project management system in place to that ensures a good communication with the client and also among its team members.

7. Spend more resources on their core job:

Their talented workforce is always engaged in its core business of website development. Only a small fraction of their workforce is engaged in their own branding and promotion. They usually have so many projects under development that they don’t need to promote themselves much.

8. Experience:

This is something that is more relevant to an IT sector company than a company of any other sector. Not only these companies have long experiences in web development, but also an average employee experience in these companies is quite high. This is a big difference that makes these companies stand apart from its competitors.

9. Proactive:

These companies feel that their job is not just to create a website; they proactively design these websites such that it looks great and provides the best UX/UI. Their team has a passion for developing a website that is better than the very best of the websites. Their passion is reflected on their job.

10. References:

Their business doesn’t come from promotion and branding. Instead, a large portion of it comes from references of the references of their previous clients. This is the main reason why they don’t need to invest in their own promotion and branding. Customer retention and references make the major chunk of their projects.

These are the ten basic attributes that are common among the top web developing companies. Luckily, none of these are so difficult that they cannot be inculcated. You should keep these things in mind and bring appropriate changes to your company too if you want a long-term growth.

Pro tip: Understand the problems faced by customers with their development partners can really help you resolve such issues in your company and reach the top spot.

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