Top 10 Issues Faced by Customers with their Web Development Companies

Building a new website is a challenging task. It is more so when you hire a web development company that focuses on designing a website that looks good only to them and does not fulfill your requirements, or even worse: is not user-friendly for your consumers.

Website development is not a child’s play and a poorly constructed website is worse than having none at all! According to a report published by Webydo, 25% of the websites developed by professional web development companies fail. And another equally discomforting fact put forth by Ruby Development Shop is: more than 30% web development projects are delivered late or are over-budget. Because of these reasons, it is observed that 29% of businesses run out of money before they are fully established.

These figures are mind-numbing for anyone who is planning to start a new business or an ecommerce website. Clearly, a bad choice in the selection of a website development company can brutally crush your dreams. One of the most epic blunders that resulted from bad website design was that of the website Digg. The website’s 2010 redesign made its traffic drop by 26% in the US and 34% in the UK. The Digg’s valuation took such a massive hit after this blunder that the $160-million-website (In 2008) was sold at just half a million dollars in 2012!

Although history is littered with epic failures and no one is completely immune to it, we have compiled a list of the top ten issues in web development that customers face while working with a web solutions company.

1. The Team Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Succeed

You might have a very good business idea. It is also possible that you have amassed a team which is no less than a “dream-team” for the job. But how you can be sure the web development agency also has the right pool of talent? Bad website development leads to low market reach which can lead to the failure of even the best of the business ideas.

2. Ignoring Customers Queries

One of the biggest mistakes that a web development agency does is, ignoring its customer’s queries. It is important the design is well-coordinated with the customer. The design and development service provider should know that the website should be “good” for the customer and not from a web designer’s perspective.

3. Not able to manage different website development projects

Web development companies usually work on many projects at any given time. A company that is inexperienced would take up projects that take too long to complete. Their Project Manager cannot make a good estimate of the time it will take for the project to complete. This results in mismanagement of all the projects that the company is working on.

4. The Idea Is Not Serving The Market Need – Not updated with trend

Users like to visit a website that they find new and have a design that is in trend. A web developer must know what the latest web design trends are and must inculcate them in the website. This will ensure a good user experience and will improve the conversion rate too.

5. Poor Communication Skills Leading to Miscommunication

If you have ever worked with a website development company, you must have learned how much communication with them is important. You must hire a company that communicates with you throughout the website building process. If this does not happen, the estimated time and cost of the project is bound to overshoot because of the seemingly minor changes.

6. Redo of functions – Not Having Pre-planned and Proven Expertise

Lack of experience can lead to a situation where you see the error “Page Not Found” even when the page exists. Such errors can be a result of a site conflict or a broken plug-in. A developer’s programming skills are directly reflected on their project. Without a proper planning, the project is bound to derail. An expert web developer will have the SEO skills that will not only enhance its functionality but also will optimize it and make it responsive.

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7. Switching of Development Team – Not Enough Resources

As mentioned earlier, a web development firm usually works on many projects simultaneously. Most of these firms suffer from staff crunch which results in switching of tasks between its staff members. A new member who is assigned this task has to invest time in understanding the details of the project. If there is any error in understanding the details, the scope of error increases.

8. Taking Too Much Time to Manage Ongoing Issues

Not being able to complete the projects in time is something that is very common with web development companies. Around one in six companies overrun the estimated time by at least 70%. In most of these cases, the average cost overrun is 200%.

9. Eating-up Client Time in Understanding and Day to Day Tasks

A web development startup which has unskilled staff, usually takes a very long time just to understand the client’s requirement. They can eat many hours of their customers’ working time and still be confused about their requirement.

10. No Dedicated Resource for Project Management and Website maintenance

Issues like platform upgrade or a hacking attempt can come up anytime. A mid-sized web application development company doesn’t have a dedicated team who can handle such sudden and untimely aroused problems. They may not even have the skills to counter such problems.

What Should Website Development Companies do to Improve B2C Relationship?

The most important thing that a Web developer company should do is – hire experienced employees. It is worth noting that majority of the professionals who work with Web Development Companies agrees that they have garnered 80% of their skills only after working in the company.

These firms should decide a niche market and concentrate on giving quality. They should not compete for the lowest price. Also, if they review all their finished projects, that will be of great help to them.

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