Defy Games Case Study

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Defy Games

Online betting platform cum web app design & development for Canadian client.

Defy Games is a Canada-based company providing online betting on games using Decentralized finance (Defi), enabling a shift towards play to earn model. The goal of the company is to make fantasy sports games super easy and exciting to play. Users can bet on a total of 4 games popular in North America (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey).


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USA & Canada

Defy Games


The client approached us not just for successful rescue but also to successfully deploy on time without compromising the coding and performance of the defygames web app.

Our developer approached the client with the real-time solution the very first day that impressed him and generated trust 10 times more than he had on the earlier one.

Our developer made sure to complete the task on the given time, reporting daily, and maintaining transparency. The client trusted the developer and hired him on the dedicated model so that he can remain directly in contact and work dedicatedly for him as per his convenient time zone.

Research and Ideation

The client was already having a web app and was dealing with another company. He was unhappy with the service he received and he approached us with the condition of fixing all bugs and building a web app within the given deadline.


We requested all documents from the client to collect from the earlier developers or companies. He shared with us, our expert developer-first took time to understand the concept of the project, website, and web app as to which technologies are used to build a project, what patches and coding problems are there, and how can be fixed.


We researched the project, market, and competitors to deliver the leading and scalable solution that will compete with the current coding structure and perform outrageously.

The Product

The product page for this project is a live match page that allows users to make a team, see the current score of the match and their ranking according to their performance.

We used probability logic behind the front end to give accurate results to each of the users.

sports game case study


Launching a project on the announced date among the community was the main focus and challenge for the client and it got transferred to us right after he partnered with us.

  • To make an interface user-friendly, customer-centric, and highly intuitive
  • Remove bugs from the web app
  • Improve speed
  • Finetune the front-end
  • Add new features
  • Re-write the code and make the code structure clean
  • Make the web app highly responsive across screens


We as an expert leveraged expertise with experience to fix website existing issues and gave outstanding solutions to develop dynamic and high-performing mobile app versions.


After the solution client received from us, he is impressed, happy and feels lucky that he did not waste time in continuing with the earlier company and took a bold step of approaching i-Verve for the rescue mission and allowing us to not just solve the bugs and make dynamic mobile app version but also helped him in launching it on the date he committed over the internet among his community.

defy games sports app case study

Frontend Development

We rescued the project, audited the HTML, discovered bugs, and simultaneously applied the standard HTML coding to help the client improve the performance of the front-end, make existing features work & interface intuitive.

Our developers played a vital role in making changes in the look and feel, applied a brilliant logic systems, to make sure it works smooth as top gaming apps work.

defy games

Concept and UI logic design

We researched the market, competitors, and also the user taste and accordingly we find that UI needs to be attractive with imaginary gaming future centric designs in the background.

We added a new feature, making sure the menu is simple and easy to navigate, and set a logic behind the design to make the user use the game with ease and keep them engaging.

defy games sport app


The code structure of the project was already messed up which our developer had rescued and fixed all the existing coding issues, re-wrote the code with a neat and clean coding structure without any patches to make the desktop and mobile version competitive to his competitors, and assured that he will be able to launch the project on the same date he committed to his community.



100% satisfaction is what the client confessed with the work we, as a leading IT solution provider, delivered.

All existing bugs, modernizing the legacy theme, making a static mobile version to fully functional and dynamic which is now working fine then it was before.

The web app is now more intuitive, high-performing, and engaging than it was before.

It was before the client approached us, was assumed that the project won’t be launched on the announced date whereas trusting on i-verve gave an outstanding result in performance and launching.