Sport Planner Case Study

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Website design & mobile app development for Sport-Planner

i-Verve built native mobile applications for Android and iOS from scratch that are responsive across screens, and an attractive front end, and a modernized legacy website with trendy looks and easy navigation that now attract 45% more users than before.


Android Studio Editor
Ruby on Rails


Project manager
Android developer
iOS developer
ROR developer
HTML developer

Domain or Industry

Sport Planner



Sports Planner

Project background and

Our client, a sports planner from “Netherlands” is a social enterprise offering sports events for government and private organizations encouraging employees and others to exercise at least per month. The goal of the client is to bring innovation among the employees, generate a productive attitude, and spread fitness awareness. 

sports planning app
sports planner mobile app development
Sports Planner Case Study


The client came to i-verve with the intent to build a sports-planner mobile application along with the organizer website for the people working in private and government organizations.

The Client’s belief: The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose. When you’re riding, only the race in which you’re riding is important. Age is no barrier.

  • Front end development 
  • Website re-design
  • Mollie payment gateway integration
  • AWS server support 
  • Admin panel development from scratch 
  • Organizer website re-development and re-design
  • Modernize the website and build android and iOS mobile applications in 2 months along with the website re-design. 


Our certified developers played their role very well in all aspects, be it front-end development, re-design, payment gateway integration, and more.

Front-end development:

Our front-end developer removed all unwanted and glitchy code, re-coded the front-end part in ROR with the neat and clean code structure to make the site’s front end look excellent and work like a pro.

Used bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, and JS to redesign the website and make it trendy, intuitive, and high performing.

Website redesignOur expert designers used UI/UX expertise, adobe XD, adobe illustrator, and photoshop design to build the intuitive user interface, helped a client get a trendy website, easy to navigate that allures users and keeps them engaged.

ROR developer (hired a dedicated developer for design)Our ROR expert helped to create an attractive & intuitive design. Co-ordinated with the designer to make sure the solution is meeting the ROR standard to make the website 100% ROR friendly.

AWS server supportOur DevOps engineer helped the client to fix the issue in a short period of time creating VPC, EC2 instance with t3.micro, configured EFS storage, Nginx, and Postgresql, & installed the latest packages. This made the server responsive and powerful enough to manage heavy traffic along with the rapid response against any request.

Concept UI-UX

Combine all sports games, organizer, and their packages

sports planner case study

3rd party integration

Integrated mobile payment gateway using the API offered by the service provider. Our developer made sure that the gateway is firmly integrated that assures uninterrupted checkout for users.

sports planner app development services


We performed the QA/QC process to measure and assure the quality of a product, and quality control, the process of ensuring products and services meet consumer expectations.

We made sure all functions and features of the app are working fine by testing every single feature using powerful, trusted tools and also utilizing the expertise & experience of experts manually.

sports planner app development

Go live

Launched the mobile application by registering in the android and iOS app stores.



Customer Panel
View basic filter results
Beauty services bookings
Booking confirmation (pet beauty services)
Language settings
Manage products


On-time delivery of the assigned task by a dedicated developer. Website and app load faster than the earlier versions. High-performing digital product designed to lead the industry.