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Afternoon Laughs

Secure Social Media Web App for Women

Afternoon Laughs is a paid and end-to-end centralized encrypted web application that provides health tips and offers instant video and chat services. It is specially designed for Women with the core objective of maintaining women’s safety, security and privacy.


Dot Net
ASP.NEt core 3.1
SQL server

Domain or Industry

Instant messaging
Software Product


UI/UX Designer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Project Manager


United States

Project goals

Customer: The customer is a start-up company based in the USA that offers maximum security in Chat and Video/Audio Conferencing as compared to other related social apps and also provides Health Tips to women for a healthy life.

Word from Client

Women are more engaged on Facebook and other social media platforms, posting photos and maintaining large social networks is evidence of their self-esteem and poor self-image. 

Women now find themselves more insecure, simply finding a virtual media at which they excel and on which they thrive. To address this issue and fill the gap of security for women, We came up with the concept of Afternoon Laughs.

The Product

Afternoon Laughs is a start-up company based in the USA providing a secure platform for Social Media Services with Audio/Video conferencing, Chat and Health Tips features to Women for a healthy life and protecting privacy.

Afternoon Laughs is designed only for women to give them a highly secure platform where they can share photos, experiences, videos with no worry of losing self-esteem. We also decided to donate a part of his income that he will earn from the app to treat cancer patients.


Challenge to combine 3 industry services within one web-based app with secure data transmission and responsiveness on both web and mobile browsers. It was a challenge to combine the features of social media, healthcare, and eCommerce. 

  • Create 3 types of users: ADMIN, MANAGER, and MEMBERS. Every user will have a different role in the application.
  • Add a flexible joining plan for users.
  • Integrate PayPal.
  • Build a responsive and user-friendly interface.
  • Assure data security.
  • Add unique features with custom functionality.
  • Integrate 3rd party tools to enhance performance.


Technology Solution Keeping security at priority, our developers used Microsoft Dot Net to make a highly secure social media platform for women’s security in terms of data transmission, identity verification, and protecting the privacy of each user. 

Data Security Leverages the potential of encryption technology that provides data security at all times, the integrity of the data is maintained, privacy is assured, and encryption protects data on the web and mobile browsers.

Custom Functionality i-Verve has brought together the best-of-breed features of the world’s leading messengers and social media apps bringing 3 industries together Social Media, eCommerce, and Healthcare.

Thanks to our developers who have experience in developing technology solutions for multiple domains that helped them to combine all 3 into one and make it a one-stop-shop for the users.

Concept and UI logic design The web app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate & ensures maximum security and privacy for users.

Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing

Video conferencing and audio conferencing, both limited within the joined group members only in order to protect individuals’ privacy.

Daily Health Tips

An added feature of daily health tips for users from the health experts.

Health of Women

The wonderful feature for the wonderful women will help them to get important health tips to keep them fit and healthy.




Reduction in operating costs for the whole product team which creates amazing UI/UX.

Chat and Discussions uploads
Chat and Discussions uploads

Sunday events
Sunday events

Gatherings (audio-visual)
Gatherings (audio-visual)

Search the Web
Search the Web

Tutorial video
Tutorial video

Additional Storage
Additional Storage

3rd party integration

As per the client’s requirement, we have added multiple 3rd party extensions to enhance performance, functionality, secure and easy payment methods to users.




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