Healthcare App Development Company

i-Verve develops HIPAA compliance user-friendly healthcare mobile app for doctors and patients as per tailored requirements ensuring our clients further improve the healthcare sector. As a leading healthcare app development company, we offer custom solutions to improve diagnosis, medical data, and patient results to our clients who are looking for a great fitness and healthcare app.

Mobile App for Healthcare Industry

Doctors, Patients, Nurses, and Administrators have realized the potential of mhealth apps development which nowadays is highly efficient, universally accessible and delivers fast healthcare services. To avoid the worst supply chain in our society of healthcare industry and end the disconnection face between patients and doctors, you must invest in healthcare app development to get healthcare mobile apps to improve the reach, makes the process mainstream and organized.

There are 3,25,000 healthcare apps available in the market worldwide and in the past couple of years, downloads of the apps have doubled where Android is leading in the mhealth platform. Real-time interaction between doctors and patients can be made possible with the use of advanced mobile technology by the expert developers of healthcare app development companies. It was $25.39 billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2021 as a top revenue contributor. Invest to exploit, enhance and to increase your revenue in healthcare mobile app development.

Medical App Development Approach

Medical mobile apps help patients to access their prescriptions, EHR, diagnostic details and other health information. The decision of Investing in the healthcare app can be an adroit one as per one report 2.71 billion people use a smartphone in the world from which 52% of patients and 72% of US physicians use smartphones. Growth, benefit, and retainment of patients is only possible with good user experience, feels beneficial and easy to use and ensures the best healthcare services with transparency and real-time response to the patients.

Healthcare Mobile App Design & Development Solution

Our expert mobile app developers develop easy to use and bug-free app mhealth app that keeps users engaged and prevents abandoning of the users with outstanding user experience. This helps patients to avail of a wide range of services from tracking their bill records to payment made, scheduling an appointment with a doctor, online consultation, assisting patients, prescriptions after online assistance, access to the diagnostic report, monitor progress and recovery.

Patient Data Collection With Health care Mobile App

74% of hospitals use mobile devices to collect healthcare data whereas 72% of patients use healthcare applications. We develop a HIPAA compliance healthcare app that helps hospitals gather data within the boundaries of law for efficient results. With the 9+ years of specific domain experience in the healthcare industry, i-Verve is armed to deliver apps that offer services at both ends doctors and patients with assurity of data security.

Smooth And Real-Time Interaction With Patients

Our healthcare application offers smoother interaction and direct engagement between doctors and patients along with better coordination with colleagues too to generate positive work experience. Keeping users at the front, we add a feature that helps patients to receive online consultation to educate patients by assessing his/her needs, concerns, readiness, preferences, and support. This will increase efficiency in serving the patients, emerge trust between patients and doctors.

mHealth Application Development Features

We have great experience in developing mobile apps for the healthcare industry as we understand the significance of your mhealth app and our healthcare app developers involve self in deep research and dig out features that are in trend and use those features that define your vision. We have great expertise in converting your ideas into a healthcare app with unique and easy to design and highly interactive features. You can add the following features into your healthcare app.

  • Plan Treatment

  • Search box with advance filters

  • Disease Information

  • Find a Doctor

  • Medicine Information

  • Medication Management

  • Video Calling

  • Disease Management

  • IoT Health Check App

  • Pregnancy Information

  • Virtual Doctor Assistant

  • Post Discharge Information

  • Prescription Reminderv

  • Hospital Navigation

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Check-In/Check-Out

  • Laboratory Reports Access

  • Claim Management

  • Live Chat Support

  • Neonatal Care

  • User-friendly Interface

  • Vaccination Schedule

  • Emergency Guidelines

  • Exercise/Meditation Information

  • Email/Push Notification System

  • Appointment Reminder

  • Surgery Updates

  • Nursing Staff Management

  • Pet Care Information

  • Order Medicine


Advantages Of Healthcare App Development Services

Patients benefit:

Healthcare app development solutions enhance the engagement of patients and improve work efficiency with enterprise-grade apps to fuse with various systems, directions, and platforms.

Preventive care

Patients portal

Share medical records

lower insurance cost

Remote healthcare

Cheaper health monitoring

Appointment scheduling


Healthcare providers benefits:

Healthcare professionals can test and improve their process through mobile apps that have made their job easier from looking up at medical history to checking symptoms.

Seamless Data Flow

Increase Diagnostic Accuracy

Direct patients Management

Enhances Physicians Efficiency

Real-time Communication

Enabling immediate access to care

Point of Care Coordination

Let’s Start Building Your First Dream Healthcare App

Enhance the power of your HIPAA compliant healthcare app for accessible and affordable services. We are equipped in developing and delivering Android, iOS and Cross-Platform Adroit Apps in a given time-frame, guaranteeing 100% user satisfaction.

Our Custom mHealth Apps Development Expertise

We custom HIPAA compliant mhealth app development solutions and services of building complex medical apps for everything from scheduling an appointment to medication tracking and hospital wayfinding.

HIPAA Compliant

We only deliver the healthcare apps that are HIPAA complaint that ensures the security of the user data. We make sure that your app meets HIPAA and HITECH regulations for access, audit, integrity controls, user authentication, data transmission, and device security.


Patient health status is measured with the information given directly by the patient without the interpretation of the patient with the physician. PRO or Patients Reported Outcomes can be more efficiently measured and compared with inbuilt charts.

EHR Integration

Being the backbone of a healthcare app, we custom mhealth apps with EHR integration to increase access to apps. The availability of patients’ data to physician and security of the same is performed in an easy to use format simultaneously.


Consumer use of Wearables has jumped from 9% (2014) to 33% (2019) and we lead the healthcare innovations and are equipped to deliver exceptional results in smartwatches, wearable monitors.

Medical Appointment Scheduling

To reduce last-minute surprise, no-shows and negative experience of customers towards the doctor/hospital, we offer extensive medical appointment booking app solutions.

Medicine Ordering Apps

Ordering medicine made easy now. Our on-demand medicine ordering app gives affordable and easy access to your prescription drugs, healthcare products, etc online.

Fitness Tracking Apps

Make your daily workout plans and keep track of your physical activities with our fitness tracking app that eases the health fanatics burden. Fully featured fitness training with a robust solution will strengthen your business.

Emergency Assistance Apps

Emergency? Solve the emergency by just using our feature of calling from our emergency assistance app. Few clicks will make your book lab tests and get emergency assistance.

Get Started Now. We’re ready. Looking for mHealth apps developer & designer? We definitely can help! whether you need assistance for your new project or on your existing effort.

Why Hire i-Verve As a Healthcare App Development Services?

At i-Verve, you will find extremely skilled healthcare mobile app developers that hold expertise in developing tightly integrated and interoperable systems with deep knowledge of regulatory compliances (HIPAA, HITECH, CCHIT). Hire our dedicated healthcare app development team that ensures the delivery of innovative and world-class apps. As a leading mhealth app development company we make sure your app meets all regulations under HIPAA and healthcare standards (HL7, ICD-10, XDS/XDS-I) and archiving solutions for patients and clinical data.

Local Compliance Supported

We custom apps that are meeting the local and international rules and regulations for safety like HIPAA, HITECH, HL7.

Patient’s Data Kept Safe

We ensure, support and enhance data protection to keep safe data of all patients.

Built 100+ Health Apps

Successfully developed and delivered 100+ Mhealth apps and ready to explore new projects.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer flexibility in choosing the best-suited engagement model for all our clients.

Transparency Is Guaranteed

We believe in transparency to get better results with better advice and have a policy of daily short reports and detailed with minute project details weekly.

Over 3000 Happy Clients

Fortunately, we have served clients domestically and internationally for 11+ years and ready to add more happy clients.

FAQs About Healthcare App Development


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