Transform Your Traditional Digital IT into New Age Infrastructure Management Solutions

A lot of IT companies are investing in infrastructure to maintain competitiveness in the market. India alone requires an investment of $ 777 Billion in infrastructure by 2022 to sustain the development in the country. Digitalization is changing the way how businesses operate. Automation and cloud technologies are no longer an option, but a necessity for every IT organization. Businesses across the globe are reinventing and transforming themselves via technology innovation.

i-Verve offers exceptional IT infrastructure management services and Cloud Services that are flexible and reliable. We deliver the best IT infrastructure management solutions that are more service-focused, agile, and secure.

i-Watch – i-Verve’s integrated IT infrastructure management platform

i-Watch is i-Verve’s integrated IT infrastructure management platform that offers efficient and proven cloud and digital infrastructure services to the clients. We always focus on next-generation technology enablement, operational excellence, and automation. Our team of IT infrastructure consultants has huge expertise in creating a wide range of IT infrastructure management solutions that cater to the new-age IT requirements.

i-Verve’s i-Watch platform infrastructure services can help IT businesses manage their data centers, server, networks, data storage spaces, and more. We continuously monitor, update, and manage your business infrastructure at an optimal cost. Migrating your enterprise IT infrastructure to the cloud is the need of the time. We help IT leaders identify gaps in their existing processes, and improve the performance by delivering scalable and robust IT infrastructure management services.

Benefits of i-Watch

i-Watch’s integrated IT infrastructure management services provide end-to-end view of your applications and infrastructure. Our Platform (i-Watch) Enabled Managed Services deliver following key benefits resulting in agile IT infrastructure operations.
  • Standardized and Cost Optimized IT Operations
  • SIncreased Infrastructure Uptime and Efficiency
  • Unified Visibility into Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Operational Intelligence
  • Consumerization of IT
  • Automation Driven Agility

What Makes US Different?

As we have worked with a lot of organizations of all the sizes, we can cater to all the types of IT infrastructure consulting solutions and services. You can take the advantage of the latest platforms and technologies when you partner with us for managing your IT infrastructure. We maintain complete transparency with our clients and ensure that your complete investment into remote IT infrastructure management is optimized.

Depth and breadth in IT infrastructure and Cloud technologies make i-Verve a preferred partner for IT infrastructure services.

Our IT Infrastructure Management Service Include


Cloud Management


Datacenter Management


Database Management


Service Integration & Management (SIAM)




IT Security

Why Contact i-Verve for IT Infrastructure Management Services?

98% Customer Satisfaction

120+ Certified Professional

20% to 30% Reduction in Operational costs

345 Bots and automation updates

100% Increase Productivity

Support For Clients Backed By Global Infrastructure

Maximize your global operations and reduce your IT investments with our custom IT infrastructure management solutions. Our team evaluates your exact business needs and creates custom roadmap to plan, migrate, or upgrade your data center and business operations. Being a leading IT infrastructure management company, we focus on improving the performance of remote or integrated infrastructure making it more agile and optimized.
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