Elogbook FM - Online Facilities Management System

The client, Elogbooks, sought to develop and had a vision to revolutionize facilities and service management by developing a manpower and facilities management application. The primary goal was to empower engineers and managers by replacing traditional paper-based workflows with a digital platform, thus boosting efficiency and productivity levels significantly.

About the Client

Elogbooks is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for facilities and service management. They aim to streamline processes and eliminate paper-based documentation by offering digital tools and applications.

About the Project

The project focused on creating the Elogbooks application, a mobile-based solution designed to accommodate all aspects of facilities and service management. The primary goal was to enable engineers and managers to go paperless and leverage digital tools for their tasks and responsibilities.







Project Functionalities

  1. Combined CAFM (Computer-Aided Facilities Management) and service desk solution
  2. Total visibility of the supply chain and service delivery
  3. Compliance management and audit trails
  4. Remote auditing capabilities
  5. Live data access for performance monitoring
  6. Intuitive supplier performance traffic lights
  7. Scalable for managing a large number of sites and service providers.
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Project Result

  1. Improved facilities and service management efficiency
  2. Streamlined supply chain processes
  3. Enhanced compliance and audit capabilities
  4. Increased visibility and control over asset performance
  5. Simplified strategic decision-making through detailed asset analysis
  6. High-quality service delivery by service providers
  7. Trusted by industry-leading companies and managing agents
  8. Positive testimonials from satisfied clients

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