Why choose us for Mobile App Development?

i-Verve is a specialized mobile app development company that leads the industry in the creation and delivery of mobile applications. With 2000+ mobile apps served diligently for different industries, we are a trusted choice of several clients across the globe. Our team of expert mobile app developers follows a comprehensive agile approach to develop smarter and innovative mobile-centric solutions. We work on different technologies including iOS, Android, Windows, wearable’s, smart TVs, smart watches, Chatbots, virtual and augmented reality.

Consultation and Design

From consultation of your requirements and features to beautiful and interactive UI/UX design.

development and integration

Developing engaging and immersive experience and integrating APIs to servers and hosting platforms.

QA and Testing

Implementing quality policy and bug fixing for seamless and hassle free user experience.

Maintenance and Support

24X7 technical support and round-the-clock maintenance of your development.

App Development shouldn’t be Painful

We vet your ideas for mobile app design, app testing, customized app development and bring them to life. Our experienced mobile application developers come up with intuitive designs and the best coding for launching a successful app. We create iOS apps, Android apps, native or hybrid apps, cross platform apps, IoT solutions, Cloud and Big Data services and much more. i-Verve works with start-ups, small, mid-sized, and large businesses to help them achieve their business objectives.


We Develop Mobile Apps and Games that Users Love

i-Verve is a team of strategists, designers, developers, and QA testers who use the most advanced tools to create outstanding apps for various mobile platforms. We are obsessed with perfection and this helps us exceed the clients’ expectations often.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid Applications

We employ tools and code applications that can run on any
platform whether it’s Android, Windows or iPhone. The Coding of your application remains the same meaning we avoid extra coding for each platform making your app look native and works faster, ensuring that all its features are accessible on all platforms.

  • Xamarin


  • Blackberry


  • Phonegap


  • Appcelerator


  • unity


  • QT


  • Cordova


  • iFactr


Enterprise Mobility

Automate your business processes with engaging and interactive enterprise mobility apps. Business owners can improve customer engagement and streamline the operations by using custom enterprise mobility solutions. We deliver outstanding enterprise mobility services that improve the overall productivity of your organization.

Legacy apps

We help you move your legacy and redundant applications to new platforms adding latest features that can generate great ROI for your investment. We ensure that it integrates and works seamlessly with multi mobile platforms and user adoption.

Own App

Wearable App Development

i-Verve is your trusted partner for Wearable app development services. Our mobile app developers provide the perfect solution for businesses who want to leverage wearable technologies. The apps we build render a great user experience.

Game Development

We understand that mobile game development is not just about technology and good-looking graphics and animations. A successful game involves engaging story line and entertaining interaction for the users. The expert mobile game developers working with us combine creativity with technology to create the best game apps for the clients.

  • 2D/3D Games
  • Character Design
  • VR Games



Health and fitness


Internet of Things

Cloud and Backend Integration

Our Mobile technology experts integrate cloud and backend frameworks with frontend framework for any type of
application with data and software your organization has or in third-party systems. We ensure that your application
and its features are easy-to-use for your end users. We enable access to business data and real-time information to
resources and systems of your choice, irrespective of their location.

Cloud Hosted Platforms
  • MBaaS platforms
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
Server Side Technology
  • php
  • .net
  • python
  • Java
  • ruby-on-rails
  • node.js
Frameworks and Components
  • SOAP
  • Microservices architecture
  • JSON
  • Android SDK
  • Titanium

Hiring Models to Choose

We provide the flexibility engagement model for all our clients.


The billing is done according to a fixed project cost. Suitable for projects with precise specifications and documentation


The billing is done on a periodic basis such as 2-4 weeks. Suitable for ongoing or long-term projects.


The billing is done according to the time spent by the team. Suitable for small mid-scale projects with varying workflow/skill requirements.

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How much Mobile App Development Cost?

When you decide to develop a mobile application, then you must have a doubt about how much will it cost. There is no specific answer for this question. The cost of mobile app development depends on many factors like the platform you choose, features you need, design of app, and platforms, etc. There are many freelancers who would build a mobile application on a low budget but their work may not be reliable. There are also mobile development companies working on small and large projects for mobile application development.

Factors determining the Cost of a Mobile Application development:

  1. Type of application you build
  2. The mobile application has 3 types; each describes a different level of complexity:

    Web app

    It is a mobile version of a website. All the website features are mobile friendly in web app type of mobile development. Most of business owners prefer to build web apps as the cost of developing them is relatively lower as compared to native application development.

    Native app

    These are developed for specific operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. These apps have the capacity to directly communicate with the Smartphone’s hardware like camera, GPS, etc. Native app is developed for perfection when it comes to user experience and performance. A native app can be downloaded from an app store (Google play store and Apple store).

    Hybrid/cross-platform app

    Cross-platform application is a combination of web app and native technology. In hybrid app development, the maintenance cost is low compared to cost native app. It is important to hire the best mobile app developers for building a cross platform mobile app.

  3. Platforms to target
  4. The cost of building a mobile application mostly depends on which platform you choose. The most popular platform of today is Android and iOS. iOS application development is faster than android app development. iOS app development costs are low compared to build an Android application. Most of the businesses develop iOS app first to check the user response and if it is positive, then businesses choose to develop Android application. Some business owners build cross platform apps that use the same code and can work across different devices seamlessly.

  5. Design
  6. When you are developing a mobile application, then need to sure about mobile app design. There are many concepts in mobile design UI, animation, visual design, etc. The most important part of mobile app development is design as it is time-consuming and that's why the cost of mobile development depends on the design too.

  7. Number of features in the application
  8. When you use common basic features for developing an app like upload images, a map view, and the search, it does not take much time. If you add more complex functionality and features for building an app, then more time and cost needs to be spent to develop the application. More features like payment gateway integration, Push notifications, etc. may cost additional money for mobile app development.

  9. Number of app screens
  10. The cost of mobile app development also depends on how many screens are you need. If you want more screens, then a mobile developer would have to work more, and hence you would pay more. If a mobile app developer builds a simple screen with navigation for your project, this will reduce the cost of app development. If a mobile application developer builds busy or complex navigation screen, then the cost of the app will be higher.

  11. Integration with the Third Party APIs
  12. When you need app Log in feature a using Facebook or LinkedIn or Google or Github or phone, then Android and iOS application developer needs more hours to enable such integrations. The integration of the third party may increase the cost of mobile app development. Some common third-party integrations used are social media integration, Google map integration, payment gateway integration, etc. Integrating third parties saves a lot of time and money.

  13. Maintenance
  14. If you want to make your app running seamlessly all the year round, then you can pay early year maintenance cost. You may need help to maintain your app hosting, monitoring, engagement, and marketing, updates and licenses. Hire the best mobile app development agency that offers app maintenance services and stay a stress-free life.

Above features finalize the cost of mobile application development. If would need a custom mobile app development project estimation, please contact us


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