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My School

Web-based education platform and eLearning app development for My School

My School, a leading web-based education service provider partnered with i-Verve to harness the power of the internet, bring differentiated instructional material and blend learning into the classroom. We built a scalable and highly secure web-based platform along with the mobile app to help students of all grades across the globe that enables them to adapt to e-learning using modern technology and make learning easy.






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Project Concept

My School is the concept to give all people, wherever they are, whatever their means, an opportunity to have a better life by providing them a better education through it’s web-based educational resource.

Approach and Goal

In 2011, the Client approached i-Verve with a concept related to education. His goal was to bring Teachers, Students, and their parents on the same platform so that they can grab the education details, track their children’s progress reports, stay updated about daily activities, and communicate with each other easily.

The Product

Pet Hotels is a unique concept designed especially to help Pet Animals to get real care when their real owners cannot take care of them due to any business trip or personal reason. The pet Hotels program is for any pet animal owner and all pet hotel owners. The Pet Hotel is a digital platform in the form of a mobile app to solve the real problem of the pet animal owners and helps pet hotel business owners get more clients and increase business.


Make a website, admin panel, and mobile app highly secure that meets the government guidelines and capable enough that cannot be hacked.

Make website and admin panel customer-centric with an easy interface.

Create 3 types of users; Teacher, Student, and Parent. None of the user data should conflict nor should confuse the user. Data of each user should be stored category-wise.

Build a platform from scratch that is strong at backend and aesthetic and easy to use features like student chat, grade books, assignments submission, exams, material, and more.

Make a website that supports multilanguage to give a personalized experience to the student of different countries.

The client has his business deals with the government and that requires highly secure and strong servers that assure his website is up-to-date and assures data security.

Integrate 3rd party tools to enhance performance, help teachers to make videos and upload with simple steps, and help users perform their tasks with ease.


Communication Challenge:

We followed the agile work methodology and that made our developers get a task in cadence, report them at the EoD, and communicate with the client with completed tasks and future tasks that should be done.

We used jeera for task reporting and email for regular conversation so that everything can be on paper and recorded. This helped both of us maintain transparency and delivery exactly what was needed.


Our highly experienced and certified PHP developers helped the client in building the web-based education platform along with the admin panel and mobile application.

Our developer made the use of latest PHP version to create a dynamic website. the client was inspired by the software codes of Facebook & WordPress written in PHP. PHP is a flexible coding language that can compete with any other technology.

We used Google APIs to make the site multilingual and created an integrated whiteboard tool to empower the platform to allow teachers to make and upload videos easily.

Keeping 3 users in mind, teachers, students, and parents, it was a challenge to make a user interface that is easy to use, easy to navigate for everyone. We studied the competitors, made a survey and deep analysis of the functions and features, and accordingly implemented the same to make it a super education platform that helps students learn, teacher, teach, and parents’ track.

We made a super admin help client manage all users from a single panel and thus we created a dynamic yet strong super admin panel that further divided 3 users.

Integrated a chat feature within the eLearning app and web-based platform to help them interact with each other and they can solve their queries in real-time.

Students usually get bored in their free time, to keep them engaged and generate interest in learning, we advised the client to add the feature of music and games that will encourage students to stay on the same platform and enable them to learn by having fun simultaneously.


Multi-language support for students to offer users facility, security, accessibility, a personalized experience, and a complete solution to achieve their learning objectives.


The internet and translation app assists with English language acquisition to give ELL students access to multilingual teachers during school hours.

Super Admin Panel

Management will have the key to this panel and they will only have the right to register any new user. They can also upload new content on the website and make changes as they want.




Customer Panel
Customer Panel

Booking confirmation (pet beauty services)
Booking confirmation (pet beauty services)

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View basic filter results

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Language settings

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Beauty services bookings

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Manage products


The client is happy with the digital product we built. He is happy with the user interface, security, and performance that is making it one of the leading eLearning service providers in 10+ countries.

His eLearning web-based platform and mobile app are trusted by the states government which has made him one of the reliable sources in digital education.

The government’s trusted eLearning platform, students’ first choice, and the most downloaded app are the benefits that the client has gained in terms of result that has made him achieve his dream of providing quality education.

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