Bunk Bed Buy is the largest online eCommerce store for bunk beds in the US. They offer a wide range of bunk bed varieties to cater to their customers’ needs. As a leading online furniture store, Bunk Bed Buy is committed to providing high-quality products and offers free delivery within the USA.

furniture store build with magento

About the Client

Bunk Bed Buy is based in the USA and serves as a prominent player in the online furniture industry. They specialize in offering bunk beds, including loft beds, stairway bunks, captain's bunk beds, mattresses, and accessories sourced from the best furniture manufacturers.

About the Project

The project involved the development of an online furniture store for Bunk Bed Buy using the Magento platform. Bunk Bed Buy approached us with specific requirements for custom functionalities. Our highly experienced and qualified Magento eCommerce development team worked closely with them to fulfill their needs. We provided services such as custom theme integration, payment API integration, multi-tabs on the product page, and a single-step checkout process.




Magento           MySQL



Project Functionalities

  1. Custom theme integration to create a visually appealing and user-friendly online furniture store
  2. Payment API integration for seamless and secure payment processing
  3. Implementation of multi-tabs on the product page for organizing and displaying detailed information
  4. Development of a single-step checkout process for a streamlined and efficient purchasing experience
furniture store in magento

Project Result

  • A fully functional and customized Magento online furniture store that met Bunk Bed Buy’s specific requirements
  • Successful integration of the custom theme, providing an attractive and immersive shopping experience for customers
  • Seamless payment API integration, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions
  • Implementation of multi-tabs on the product page, allowing for organized presentation of detailed product information
  • Development of a single-step checkout process, reducing cart abandonment and improving conversion rates

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