Marc Joseph New York - Footwear Store

Marc Joseph New York is an online fashion store specializing in men’s and women’s shoes. The company was founded by Marc and Joseph, a father-son duo, and it caters to customers worldwide.

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About the Client

Marc Joseph New York is a fashion retailer known for its high-quality footwear products and trendy designs. They approached i-verve to enhance their online store and improve their overall website management.

About the Project

The project involved developing a unique online footwear store with integrated hardware solutions such as a point-of-sale (POS) device, printer, barcode scanner, and cash register. The aim was to streamline the online store management process and facilitate easy buying and selling of shoes.







Project Functionalities

  1. Creation of a unique and visually appealing online footwear store
  2. Integration of hardware devices such as a point-of-sale (POS) system, printer, barcode scanner, and cash register
  3. Secure payment processing and fraud prevention measures
  4. Efficient inventory management system
  5. User-friendly website interface for seamless navigation and product browsing
  6. Integration of product search and filtering options
  7. Smooth checkout process with order tracking functionality
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Project Result

  • Successfully developed and launched an attractive and functional online footwear store for Marc Joseph New York
  • Streamlined online store management process for improved efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience through a user-friendly interface and advanced search and filtering options
  • Integrated hardware solutions for seamless point-of-sale transactions
  • Implemented secure payment processing to ensure customer data protection
  • Achieved client satisfaction and positive feedback on the website’s design and performance

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