Evotronix is a visionary company with a unique concept aimed at revolutionizing the online shopping world. They have a great idea that they want to bring to life in the real world.

ecommerce accessories store development

About the Client

Evotronix is an innovative company that envisions creating a social shopping marketplace for buying, selling, trading, and upgrading various products. They approached our team with their concept and requirements.

About the Project

he project involved developing an online accessories store that provides a social shopping environment for customers. Evotronix wanted to offer a platform where users could buy, sell, trade, and upgrade products, specifically focusing on smartphones (Apple iPhone, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.), electronics, games, movies, and toys. Our team utilized Magento as the primary technology to fulfill the client's requirements and create a stunning online store.




Magento     MySQL



Project Functionalities

  1. Creation of a social shopping environment within the online accessories store
  2. Online product purchasing functionality
  3. Online product selling functionality
  4. Online trading platform for users
  5. Product upgrade feature to facilitate trade-ins or upgrades
  6. Custom extension development to support unique requirements
  7. Seamless integration of a custom theme for an appealing visual experience.
custom ecommerce store development

Project Result

  • Successful development and launch of the online accessories store for Evotronix
  • Creation of a dynamic social shopping environment that fosters user engagement
  • Smooth online product purchasing, selling, trading, and upgrading processes
  • Integration of custom extensions to support specific functionalities
  • Implementation of a visually appealing and user-friendly custom theme
  • Achieved client satisfaction through the delivery of a stunning and functional online store

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