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We Don't Just Form Partnerships, We Build Alliances

As we transition into a new era of the information technology market, characterized by a surge of new tech startups that disrupt long-standing technologies, partnerships have become increasingly essential. I-verve recognize the importance of partnerships and welcome any potential partner whose values are in-line with our own and whose goals align with ours.

Channel Partnership

Channel Partners​

Our channel partnership program enables you to benefit from a wide range of your technology services and depth of our expertise. We enable our partners around the world to allow smooth incorporation of our software development services into their own product and service offerings.

We provide direct access to our partners to i-verve’s services and expertise by industry, business strategy, technology need and service levels. With our channel partner programs you can increase the pace of your business development and ROI with your increased service offerings.

Joint Venture

We assist you with the technology and business support along with the training and development to get ahead of our competition. Through long-term relations, we can always remain mutually beneficial both financially and stable business practices.

Offshore Partnership

Offshore Partners​

We help you boost your competitiveness by offering our wide range of services and solutions. Our expert developers provide outsourcing services that lower project development costs and deliver high-quality services by expanding as our offshore partner. With our data-driven solutions, lower operation costs and our approach you can expect quick turn-around-time of your work. We are out of the box thinkers and our methodologies allow us to get you unmatched services and benefits. And most importantly we offer you time to tend to your business needs leaving your worries for development work on us.

Joint Venture

Get great benefits when you refer to us or resell with us. Identify new opportunities or promote our service offerings and reap rewards both financially and strategically. We offer our expertise and services to your clients in a seamless manner. A Win-Win for all.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partners

You should look for a professional technology partner that can handle all service requests, automated software, application migration, QA and testing, web and app development, cloud and database integration services etc. i-verve comes with a bag full of great experience and smooth deployments of many projects to offer high-quality deliverables to your customers.

As our technology partner, you just need to help us with careful technical description and we will take care of the rest. From preparing a plan, cost estimate, finding and allocating developers, providing unique tools and solutions, testing and deployment.

Agent Partners

If you’re an IT entrepreneur, Consultant or a sales professional, we offer you to become our Agent Partners. With this setting, you are in charge of finding business opportunities and generate leads. Our sales and marketing team will work tirelessly with you to plan, prepare and propel business proposals that deliver required services on-time and within budget.

We’re Open For Partnerships

We are open to forming an alliance with all like-minded individuals, agencies and companies. Our approach towards business is for openness and sharing, even profits. We like to collaborate and build on shared vision and values to grow quickly and generate more profits.

You can count on us that we have your best interest in our minds and whenever you need our assistance. To cut to the chase, we want to mutually share profits and losses. We venture into new fields to mine resources and share an experience with one another.

You will always have direct access to our sales and technology resources. Our partnership programs provide necessary resources and tools to succeed. We ensure that we support you in every way from providing marketing collaterals, to SOP and best practices for development and latest technologies and services.

Partnerships Are Great. Let's Get Work Together.