Custom POS System Development for businesses’ who want:

  • Fully integrated real-time solution for all their ecommerce needs
  • Unified ecommerce presence in their multi-store business model
  • Allocation for customer-specific pricing and item catalogs
  • Dynamically updated inventory and data tracking
  • Secure and Sophisticated omnichannel environment for their customers
  • Improve operations and solving inventory, payment, staff and logistic challenges
  • Fully integrated B2B/B2C ecommerce websites, online stores, POS systems and more
Store Management
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The Business Challenges

One of our client really needed was a solution that would allow their customers to shop and place orders on multiple channels, look at inventory levels and have a central POS & Store Management Application for company information. Ready to use POS Management systems and Store Management Systems didn’t have the ability to be customized to fit their needs.

Features that were needed include the ability to log in and view account information, product information, verify stock status, online ordering, and tracking information. And the POS platform allow client to connect to the stores distributers and can provide solutions for point of sale services.

I-Verve POS Solutions
A Complete Retail Point-of-Sale Application Development Services

Any device

Sell easily and quickly from any device. i-Verve POS software development is built-in with device compatible feature and works from anywhere, online and offline.

Point of sale

Simple yet powerful, i-Verve point of sale management system keep your data secure and monitors your sales and manage your business even from pop-up shop.


Efficient Store Management application with easy to sync item images, tags, categories and inventory with a Bigcommerce, Shopify or WooCommerce, & Magento store.


i-Verve POS system development is a built-in feature with integrated payments- cash, credit card, gift cards and loyalty points.


Designed to use on any device, i-Verve POS application development is compatible with industry-leading POS hardware.

24/7 support

With clients in over 65 countries, i-Verve POS app development team is here to help with 24/7 award-winning customer support.


Keep tabs on your entire products catalog as one unite with detailed variants, SKUs, multiple images, brands, seasons and tags.


Track, manage & report on stock quantities and stay up to date with Inventory alerts and warnings.


Manage all your in-store and online orders using i-verve POS application. All in-store and online sales are in complete sync with your business inventory.


Create a central loyalty program for your customer with member number. Whenever a member visits your outlet, verify its membership status and offer discounts accordingly.


Maintain a common customer database, manage all your resources and have easy access to online purchase and store.


Create user accounts, track shifts. Easily manage the performance of team members on i-Verve POS app with advanced user permissions.

Sales reports

Generate your sales reports and manage your in-store and online sales. Further analyze your sales data categories wise from anywhere with store management application.

Inventory reports

Get comprehensive reports of your store including inventory movement and profit margins associated with each stock item.

End of the day reports

A real-time report monitors your cash and card payment receipts for each cash register. Watch the day-to-day cash floats, cash movement and break down.


Get automatic alerts on a stock level when store items are running low or reach re-order level.

Custom reports

Choose the field you want to view using filters like a brand, product type, user, date range, supplier or tags to create your custom reports.

Customer reports

Connect with your best customers with detailed reports on customer groups, loyalty, spending patterns, credits & outstanding.

1 to 100+ stores

Create any number of outlets, registers, inventory locations and products. I-Verve POS software development will boost your business.


Leverage the power of i-Verve POS application development with built-in sync integration for Xero, QuickBooks, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, MailChimp and more.


i-Verve POS is designed to support multiple languages. Currently, it supports major languages with all date & currency formats to offer best suitable user interfaces & reporting tools for your business.


i-Verve POS is designed with a multi-region feature which allows you to product pricing, tax, availability, and margins by outlet, so you can easily add more store locations as per your changes in business requirements.


i-Verve POS is perfect to sell in-store or online. Offer seamless shopping experience to its customers and manage Omnichannel selling effortlessly.

Global presence

i-Verve POS system is associated with leading hardware providers, payment processor, and business expert globally to help you grow beyond borders.

Best of Technologies Used for Creating POS/Store Management Solution

  • Microsoft Dynamics® GP
  • B2B, B2C & Sales Portal
  • Online Bill Pay module
  • PHP Laravel
  • eSource B2B, Dimension Group
  • eCatalog
  • MySQL, CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Technology Used
  • Extended Pricing
  • Promo Exception Pricing
  • Credit Card Extension (CCE)

Business Benefits POS System Save time and sell more with the omnichannel solution that grows with you.

If you are running an ecommerce chain or retail stores and want to sell everywhere then we have the best POS Software / Store Management Application Solutions growing retailers – Custom designed and developed solution on topnotch technologies. We’re changing the way you sell in-store, online & on-the-go. Accomplish more with custom ecommerce development & store management solutions.

  • I’d like to start selling online with my business.
  • I’d like both the online store and my retail stores to share one synchronized inventory.
  • Oh, and could you make sure my stores’ registers are directly connected to that inventory?
  • Connect your online store with leading point-of-sale solutions.

The Value – Store Management Application Our solutions are quick and easy to deploy and result-driven.

  • Optimised Inventory
  • Increased Repeat Sales
  • Optimised Advertising
  • Time Saved Purchasing
  • eCommerce Sales
  • 3% Improvement
  • 4% Improvement
  • 12% Optimization
  • 50% Savings
  • 6% Increase

Total Annual Benefit $319,260

Custom Developed POS & Store Management Software Perfect For Stores Like

Sports & Outdoors
Fitness & Supplements
Bike Shops
Discount Variety
Fashion Accessories

FAQs About POS Software & Application Development

  • The POS is the center point of the store where the sale of physical goods is conducted. POS act when checkout happens, order process and bills are paid. POS inventory system differs again based on size and type of industry, however, inventory system helps you to get orders directly from the POS, thousands of products can be uploaded, custom labels and barcodes, track the transaction and available stock, automatically removes returned items from inventory and much more. The POS terminal is hardware in the form of a computer used as a cash register, and also makes perpetual inventory control systems possible.
  • A point of sale (POS) is a place where sales transactions are made, it could be either in cash in person or could be made virtually on an online shopping cart. This activity is an economic activity to complete the buy and sell action where the customer pays to the seller against the product he/she buys.
  • Point of Sale API helps the companies to accept debit and credit card in-person payments from anyone anywhere through square point using a mobile application. We have a skilled developer that uses Square’s POS API to build a customized point of sale solution without worrying about hardware. Square POS API is PCI complaint, no checklists, assessments or audits required that can be integrated for native and web apps on iOS and Android.
  • If you are an individual and don’t have a big size unit, staff, products and you are sure you can alone manage the records, you can have a POS API integrated that will help you collect payment in-person from anywhere and anyone.

    Getting hardware with our POS solution could vary on your requirements, features you need, accessories that your business should have, size and type of your business, etc. To provide you accurate answer if you really need or should have hardware with our POS solution, you can reach our team of expert business analysts that will help you in deciding if you will need hardware or not on the basis of the analysis of your business and its needs to make you successful and ease your business module.
  • POS system in the restaurant is used to track sales, acts as a credit card processor, it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff that boosts the services and helps the customers get their order within minutes.

    POS is used to operate the daily operation of the restaurants and also helps in organizing profit and loss statements and sales tax. There are many more benefits of POS that can be availed by restaurant owners, to get all your restaurant operations automated and smooth you can reach us 24/7 and avail the benefits from both, our expert developers to integrate POS system and benefits of POS itself after getting it integrated.
  • Yes, you can transfer your data from your current POS system to a new POS system. The key factor that you need to be aware of is migrating customer and inventory data can be a real pain if you don’t do it in a right manner as it is possible that your current POS system might have field of “barcode number” whereas your new POS software would have the same field as “SKU”.

    You might lose your data if you do not follow the proper manner, and to make it possible with all accuracy, we do it for you. The process, when done by the experts, becomes simple and fast that will save your data and time. Our experts are here to support you throughout the implementation of your new Point of sale system.
  • Yes, vend does integrate with QuickBooks that helps vend customers to easily post their end of day sales, payments, cost of the products sold online. It prevents from double data entry and eases the tasks for retailers to keep on top of their accounting.
  • Yes, the developers will be all yours just will be working dedicatedly and virtually for you from a different location on your given guidelines. You will have complete access over them and can stay connected to them via chat, emails, calls, and skype.

    It too is possible that software is made for a specific industry where business operations are the same and for such businesses POS system offers the same services and packages at the same price.

    For more details, you can reach to our experts and discuss what features and POS system will suit for your industry or business.
  • POS will help you in analyzing customers’ details and sales reports efficiently and most systems arrange the information into reports with customized categories that optimizes to compare and give accurate reports with applying the data for future planning.
  • Total Cost Of A POS System

    The cost of a POS system depends on the size of the business, the number of features you need, the quality of features, type of industry, potential for expansion, terminals, locations, and hardware compatibility. The single registered hardware setup will cost around $1000 to $1500 whereas, the POS terminal can cost you around $3500 to $4500 each. The price adds on with the addition in accessories such as scanner, cash drawer, printer, and an extended warranty.
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