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App and Intelligent Bot development for our USA based client

i-Verve built a Global Collaboration App leveraging the potential of Microsoft Teams solutions. We upgraded the Bot version, incorporated the web version in the app in a single tab, built a messaging extension that helps our client manage all its client with ease, provide an on-time response, and quick e-sign service. Users can easily get the optimum benefit from the app for all their e-sign-related work.


Microsoft’s MS Team SDK




SharePoint Developer



Project Background and Goal

Our client is an Electronic Signature Solutions provider for SMBs, Entrepreneurs, and Enterprises. It’s a vision to provide a user-friendly, reliable, and highly secure eSignature and document transaction platform for all businesses. e-Sign platform helps people and businesses in being more productive, delighting their customers, and growing their business without chasing paperwork.

Research & Ideation

Looking to the market and after doing the deep research and survey of why pet owners are unsatisfied in trusting the pet hotels, or why pet hotel owners are not getting businesses as they should?

The client approached i-Verve to get an agile and scalable digital platform in the form of mobile applications for both iOS and Android for pet owners and pet hotel owners to help them get trusted and quality veterinary and pet boarding services whenever needed with pre-decided terms and conditions.

The Product

Pet Hotels is a unique concept designed especially to help Pet Animals to get real care when their real owners cannot take care of them due to any business trip or personal reason. The pet Hotels program is for any pet animal owner and all pet hotel owners. The Pet Hotel is a digital platform in the form of a mobile app to solve the real problem of the pet animal owners and helps pet hotel business owners get more clients and increase business.


The client already had its web product ready and wanted to provide the same web services via a mobile app to reach more users. The client had an app with legacy UI, poor performing APIs, old bot version with poor performance.

The challenges that our developer considered as an opportunity were:

  • Upgrading Teams bot SDK from 3.0 to 4.0.
  • Building Message extension from scratch with custom modification.
  • Develop a Tab in Microsoft Teams solutions for the app with the condition of incorporating the entire eSign web version within the tab to prevent users from leaving the app and getting their work done within the app itself.
  • Build a Bot with the smart command to help users get their queries resolved in real-time and get the maximum benefit of the app and services.

Communication Challenges

Be it development, reporting, or interacting with the client. There was no communication gap since the client hired our dedicated developer.

We followed an Agile work methodology that involves constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage.

Used Azure board as a project management tool for reporting the completed, in progress, and upcoming tasks on a regular cadence to prevent any communication gap.

Overall, the client had a great experience.


Our Microsoft Certified Developer took all challenges as an opportunity and used MS Teams SDK 4.0 & Gulp technology to build the product in the given time frame without compromising on the quality.

He made sure of following Agile methodology and made his every single minute productive using the Azure board project management tool.

Used Microsoft Teams SDK & Gulp to create Teams application, new features, and functionality and built new custom APIs to connect with client’s other platform and make it perform well in the app itself.

Upgrading: Our developer upgraded the Bot SDK version from 3.0 to 4.0 by following the standard upgrading solution. He took back up of the entire data and then started upgradation to deal with any complex and unwanted error such as the crash of the server or loss of data.

Teams Bot and custom functionality: Utilizing the potential of Visual Studio Code and hands-on experience of JavaScript, our expert Microsoft developer built a team’s bot that allows users to interact, make a team, make a schedule, share an important document, save the document, send a document, task management to get all their eSign related work in a single click.

Tab: The client already had a web version. We helped him in incorporating the entire website and its operation tasks in a single tab where the user can perform and finish his task by clicking the tab. This feature enhances the app performance whereas there are other apps that have a limitation due to which users have to switch to the web version in order to complete some tasks.

Message Extension: We helped our client in building the Message extension from scratch leveraging the potential of Microsoft and JavaScript. This extension enables the client to offer a message option where collaboration is made easy. This feature is a custom-made feature that allows the team members of the group to easily collaborate, gives access to open the last 10 sent or received documents, and chooses the one they want to proceed with for eSignature.

Teams Bot

Our custom-made conversational bot for client app is incredibly flexible and can be scoped to handle simple & complex commands, artificial-intelligence-powered, and natural-language-processing tasks.


Built a new feature “TAB” to enhance the performance of the application. Incorporated web version in a “TAB” feature that allows users to perform web-based tasks from app itself. This feature helps our client increase user engagement and increase the trust of the user.

Message Extension

Built from scratch with custom features allowing users to share and send documents. Making collaboration easy for groups and individuals and allowing users to access the last 10 sent and received documents, and select any to get it signed.




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Customer Panel

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We implemented all functionality in the right way & followed standard coding with a bug-free solution. Conducted post-development testing to make sure all functions are working fine. All bugs got fixed, integrated APIs to enhance the app’s performance, upgraded Teams SDK to 4.0 that improved the performance. The bot is now highly responsive. Overall, the client appreciated our work and is happy working with us. Our professionalism impressed him.

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