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Liquify Merch

Shopify Website Rescue with on-going support, maintenance & optimization

Liquify merch is a niche-based e-commerce platform selling footwear, electronic gadgets, and computer accessories at discounted prices every minute. The goal of the company is to introduce special pricing or unique merchandise you may not always find online or at your local stores.






Front end developer
Shopify certified developer for maintenance support
Certified QA and Project manager


United States

Research and concept

The client’s eCommerce business concept is niche-based and wants to sell products on his own website as well as on 3rd party websites to increase sales. ( was doing a type of affiliate marketing also to increase traffic and popularity marketing on

We researched the market, competitors and implemented the best standard Shopify coding structure to give an attractive look and make the website more promising than before.


He approached us with the task that he was not able to do himself neither his development team was able to. His approach towards us was to rescue his Shopify project and do 3rd party development, product management, inventory management and fix issues with 3rd party websites and own website.

getting the project undone task completed.

We helped him schedule an interview with the developers, he was impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the developer and hired the same for the further development and maintenance work.

We helped in onboarding the developer in real-time on-demand with the exact expertise he wanted and made sure the tasks were done on time, without back and forth.

The Product

Pet Hotels is a unique concept designed especially to help Pet Animals to get real care when their real owners cannot take care of them due to any business trip or personal reason. The pet Hotels program is for any pet animal owner and all pet hotel owners. The Pet Hotel is a digital platform in the form of a mobile app to solve the real problem of the pet animal owners and helps pet hotel business owners get more clients and increase business.


Front end challenge: look and feel | design changes | The reason was to make the theme or UI attractive, intuitive, engaging for the users to stay for long and keep shopping.

Make the best eCommerce website that grows the liquify merch for the long term and make it the leader of the eCommerce industry.

Maintain the website, security, look and feel, automate inventory system, configure affiliate websites with client’s main website to transform order information and update in real-time, redesign the theme with the intuitive user interface.

3rd party applications play a vital role in between the client website and the website. The app was the only medium that was helping the client’s website to communicate with the Newegg website in order to get customer requirements/new orders/ inventory management/ customer detail and more.

The 3rd party app was noncompatible with the client’s website and was not able to drive complete information from Newegg to the client’s website, which was creating problems in managing orders and inventory.


From crisis to record conversion

3rd party app = We communicated with the 3rd party application support team and discussed the existing issue with them to get their technical support in order to solve the issue and make the information transformation between the 2 websites easy and smooth so that client can manage inventory without any complication and focus on business growth.

Reduced his frustration of managing inventory, added a payment method that is quite unique for eCommerce stores to add like Zelle and Venmo. This was to ease his customers to make payments from their mobile or bank account directly.

Design = Used CSS to design and redesigned the UI of the website to set it with the layout and make sure it suits the entire website look and feel.

Bootstrap = Used it to make the UI highly responsive on all devices across the screens.

Maintenance = 24/7 monitoring, assuring all features and functionalities are working fine, the website is updated and customers are enjoying shopping without any disturbance.

Designed the theme with a human-centric vision, optimized image, and uploaded to make sure the site is loaded fast as compared to before.

Payment gateway integration = Venmo and Zelle. A challenging task to integrate because we replaced the unsupported and insecure payment gateways from the website and integrated a highly secure and trusted payment gateway in the website with ease that we configured his account credentials properly in the back end to make sure his payment is received and credited into his account securely without compromising in the detail and security of the customers.

Shopify offers default functionality in the backend called “password protected” for the front end that is enabled by default which needs to be disabled by the developer to allow customers to shop.  It can be a big problem for the client to make business and sell the product as a customer would not be able to see or shop any product from the website. This would be a big loss for the website owner.

Frontend development

We customized the coding of the website by using the intelligent logic that helps the website communicate with the inventory at the backend and at the same time update it in the front end to give accurate information about the stock availability.

used code structure and customized it in such a way that it communicated with the front end and back end as per the availability of the product in the back end or warehouse. We automated the process of information transformation between the client website, Newegg, & amazon to make the status of the product available with accurate information.

For frontend development, we used liquid and PHP language and did customization to

make the frontend-related changes and make sure it is highly attractive for the users to use and make the menu super simple that can help users to navigate the site easily.

There were existing bugs in design and in a front end that we audited and fixed using front end expertise and design standards that give a human-centric look to the website, intuitive user interface that lures the customer and attracts them to stay long on the website.

Helps customers to easily see and understand the product, check the quality by viewing the optimized images that are crystal clear to help the customer make their buying decision.

Concept and UI logic design

The client concept towards UI was to anticipate what users need to do and ensure that the interface has elements that are easy to understand, access, and used to facilitate those actions. UI brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.

As the website was already built-in Shopify, there were bugs and glitches in the design which we fixed leveraging years of design experience and made sure the interface has all elements that make it easy for all users to access, understand and interact with all available components in the website.

Communication challenges

i-verve has developed a culture in the company environment that encourages each developer to walk the extra mile to satisfy the client by killing all the communication challenges that the client faced with other companies. Be it:

  • Dissatisfaction or disinterest with one’s job
  • Lack of transparency and trust
  • language barriers
  • Endless rounds of revision

We set up frequent meetings with clients and had better upfront communication, report clients with the completed task, and arrange a list of questions to ask clients at the beginning of each new task to clarify expectations and deliver the best as the client wants.

We frequently ask for feedback and approvals with the client at appropriate intervals and would only proceed with any design and development until the client approves it.




Custom functionality enablement
Custom functionality enablement


Theme design and development
Theme design and development


The site is more interactive, intuitive, engaging and human-centric

Website loading speed is 80% faster than before and as per the google speed testing tool, 80+ figures is considered standard/good loading speed to rank well.

We helped clients replace insecure payment methods and integrate trusted payment gateways like Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, and Paypal that resulted in more community followers and an increase in sales than before.

Designed email templates to notify each customer with a happy email test that results in generating a positive attitude of clients towards clients’ brand.

Automated offline inventory management that now results in quick order booking, real-time update of the inventory that reduces customers dissatisfaction ratio.

Customized website default features and functionalities to enhance client’s website performance




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