Life has invariably been a straightforward one for you, wherever everything has been black and white. however currently you discover out, it’s time for you to die. You ne’er knew however death would return to you, invariably forward it might be even as black and white as your life.

Then you awaken and see that somebody has created a special trip to return for you to gather your soul, and that is once reality hits. it’s truly happening. you may do no matter it takes to induce away, to try and do all those stuff you have started out to try and do however ne’er had the flexibility to try and do.


And as you endure your life in Reaper Run, the Grimm Reaper has set to follow you to mock your survival from death. However, if it’s these days you’re to die; you may not go down while not a fight. thus however does one fight death himself? You don’t, you RUN as quick as you’ll to measure.

And so it begins, the race of their lives through Reaper town.

Not solely can you be ready to modification your main character that runs from the Reaper, you may even be ready to modify the Reaper himself. one among the evil can hold the ability to destroy you as you are attempting with all of your may to induce away.

Let's get work together.