Hire ASP.NET Developers To Faster Business Growth

Put your business growth on accelerator with our certified developers. I-Verve is leading IT Solutions and Software Development Company that has developed 500+ projects for several industries based on Microsoft technologies. We help client meet their strategic and operational needs.

Advantages of Hiring Our Full-Stack Asp.Net Programmers

Building Scalable Web Apps with Popular Microsoft Technology .NET and Support On-going Projects

Dot Net Services


Development and Beyond

We provide wide range of services – scalable, secure and high-performing at the same time. And the best part working with us is that we are equally good at all technologies you need to customize web app for your business. You can hire .NET Experts who provides trusted solutions.

  • Enterprise web applications
  • Windows Server Apps
  • Small micro services
  • Support and Maintenance
Dot Net Technology


Ask a Technology Expert

We have been working on .NET Technologies from 9Yrs, and grown as team of Microsoft Certified Developers & Programmers for Website, Portals & Apps. Share your vision and concerns with us and we will help you design a perfect solution. We have three basic factors of our technology solutions. It has to be:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Futuristic
Dot Net Methodology


Smart Work

We ensure timely delivery of client’s project. Transparency is the key for our success. We believe in incremental development, short iterations, continuous inputs from partners and instant ability to prioritize the tasks. This is why we follow internationally acclaimed project management models:

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Scrum
Let us help create your perfect solution

Why Hire .NET Developers from i-Verve?

Partner & Certifications



Years of Experience


Certified Developers


Projects Delivered
Guaranteed SLAs
Flexible Engagement


Support and Services

Technical Skills and Key Strengths

We provide the flexibility engagement model for all our clients.

Hire Full Time Only Starting from $1425 / Month

How Much Does It Cost to Hire ASP.NET Developer?

ASP.Net is an open Source framework for developing web applications with .Net programming language. It is a well-known multi-prototype programming language, which used for creation, management of data and modification held in the relational database management system. The cost of a .Net developer depends on application complexity or even the process used in the development. The approx rate for ASP.Net developer starts from an average of $12 and goes till $25 depending on the exact project requirements.

How To hire the best ASP.Net Developers?

Now in our market, there are a lot of .Net developers are available. Hiring dedicated .Net developers can be a cost effective option. You can get high quality web development solutions from our team of experienced programmers. It can be a goose idea to choose experienced ASP.Net developers for hire from the large pool of professionals we have. You can interview the available resources and choose to hire the right one for your project.

  1. Go for long term Employees
  2. You might be hiring short term developer till now. Is that true? If you are going for a skilled developer in your budget, then we will suggest you go and hire interns and programmer from a web development company or agency. This way you can save money and get complete control over your project.

  3. Project vs. Hourly Pricing
  4. When hiring a ASP.Net developer, you must know that hire developer charges an hourly basis for their development work. We would suggest you to go for hourly pricing model only if you need to have control over your project.

  5. Set Up A Milestone Based Payment
  6. The best way to get the save your money is to set up your payment based on milestones. We break the project into various milestones and you can pay us upon completion of each milestone of your ASP.Net development project.

  7. Experienced Developers
  8. If you are going to work on a major project then always go for an experienced developer. We hire only experienced programmers who are skilled and proficient in developing the websites and web apps.

    If you wish to hire multiple ASP.Net developers from us, we would be happy to assign a Project manager to manage your project. You can communicate with the PM directly and get regular updates. Contact us for a free estimate for your project and we shall be glad to assist you.


  • Yes, you will have full control over the developers once you hire them. Dedicated developers than perform as your team on your given guidelines. You can also have direct communication with our .net developers through calls, skype, chat, and emails.
  • Yes, we do help in restoring backups. We manage backups with multiple layers of backup redundancy. Errors and problems do not come by informing us and that is why we believe in taking precautions by backing up our standard servers every day for both on-site and off-site. Our standard servers are backed up every day, both on-site.
  • Yes, why not. It is possible and you can handle the entire hired ASP.Net development team with complete access over them with tasks such as assigning them tasks, discussions, reviews, suggestions. In short, the team will be all yours dedicatedly for your project.
  • We have 9+ years of 60 dedicated .net developers from which 50 are certified Microsoft ASP.Net developers and have a track record of delivering 500+ projects of .Net web development and mobile applications.
  • We know ideas are rare and we respect them. We do not start working until having an NDA signed with a guarantee of the full security of your idea, concept, and handing over the ownership of the source code to you after the completion of your project.
    • Access to experienced and adroit developers.
    • No hardware, the software requires
    • An entire control and flexible engagement over the development procedure.
    • Free project manager to manage your team and project.
    • Fast turnaround time with the dedicated web development team and increased productivity.
    • Cost-effective
    • Dedicated Free QA to guarantee quality and performance efficiency.
    • Proactive support with great results. And in the last, but not least is how developers work as part of your group.
  • We understand the importance and need for monitoring, communicating with the hired developers and tracking the project development. We have a flexible and transparent module of reporting where we use basecamp for daily task reporting with tracking of developers working hours. You can get in touch with your hired developers on a skype call, email, or chat. We also offer experienced project managers who can report you on every step, the only condition is if more than 2 developers of ours are hired.
  • Our developers control the source code version control on GitHub that offers backup and restore, synchronization, short term, and long term undo, track changes, ownership, branching and merging and many other features that will allow you to review, manage and get fixed the debugging and bug fixes.
  • I-Verve offers full stack ASP.Net development services for a better ROI. Our experienced .net developers are passionate coders that hold a deep understanding of various industry domains. I-verve offers cost-effective .net developers that guarantee the delivery of high-end .net web application without compromising on quality with the innovative and tailor-made services.
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