Magento 2 Extensions
How To Augment Your Ecommerce Store Functionality Using Magento 2 Extensions?

20 Apr 2019

You have thought of building an online portal for selling product and services and you’re looking for a simple CMS to help you manage the content on your store. You contact a few ecommerce web development companies and come to a conclusion that Magento can be the right choice to develop your online store. No…

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Who said “Ruby on Rails applications cannot scale?”

15 Apr 2019

Ruby on Rails is an awesome framework, but some people worry about its scalability issues. With the expansion of your organization, you may need to scale your website or web app. A good example for Rails scalability is Shopify. Even Github and Airbnb use Rails for their apps. Should you ditch Rails if your app…

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Record WhatsApp Call on iOS
How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iOS

11 Apr 2019

If you want to know how to record calls in WhatsApp? It is very easy one can do it with the help of many software. Even many people’s do not know that WhatsApp calls can be recorded. And many persons wouldn’t be thinking that way to record a call? There may be many reasons however…

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CRM for ecommerce store
Choosing a Great CRM for Ecommerce Business Made Easy

04 Apr 2019

Online retailers make use of different channels to connect with their patrons. Online marketplaces, ecommerce stores, social media, and more channels are used to ensure that the customers get the best experience when they shop online. There may be some emergencies or issues with order fulfillment from time to time. In order to manage all…

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battle between Xamarin and Android Studio
Xamarin or Android Studio – Which one to choose for enterprise app development?

03 Apr 2019

Android apps are built in Java as that’s the official language. Developers can use the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and create apps using C and C++. This method seems a lot more complicated and may be a tedious task. On the other hand, Xamarin provides a better option for developing apps in C#. One…

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Who wins the war? – Ruby on Rails OR Node.JS

28 Mar 2019

Ruby and Node.js are two popular server-side technologies that are used for web development. Which one should you choose for your next project? – This is a question of debate. Node makes use of Javascript and Rails uses Ruby. Both of them have a ton of resources available to help programmers build effective solutions. Rails…

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