Healthcare Portal Development Company
HEALTHCARE WITH SHAREPOINT – How we built healthcare portal for healthcare industry?

16 Feb 2019

Do you think it could be a great idea to develop a portal to help healthcare professionals share knowledge, ideas, and experiences with each other? It can be a good initiative to help neonatal nurses nationally and internationally improve the collaboration between the healthcare providers and family members of the newborns. A client approached us…

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Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
Ruby On Rails + ReactJS = A Perfect Combination..!

08 Feb 2019

In the present scenario, most of the applications are cheering up the dynamic content. All users accessing the mobile applications expect it to be responsive and well engaging. For fulfilling such expectations of end users, one should enhance the technology with a user friendly frontend and strong backend framework. React – Modern FrontEnd, Rails as…

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Don’t Go For Xamarin App Development before reading this

08 Feb 2019

Imagine that you own an eCommerce store selling products online via your website and you plan to reach out to the mobile app users. You have got an idea about mobile app development in mind. What next? You would have to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Do you think that you will…

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how to resize image in magento 2

05 Feb 2019

Why we need to resize the image when we can overwrite original images? When a developer works on custom modules having images, he/she would want to fetch products or category images. They may face problems with image being displayed in different sizes on the frontend. This situation can be resolved in two ways: First is…

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Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
An Ideal Way To Create Cost Effective Ruby On Rails App Development

04 Feb 2019

As a start up, you might be facing some challenges that might sometimes lead to the hurdles in the process of web application development, and that’s understandable. Start ups may not have luxury budget for web app development. Most of the start-ups have budget constraints for developing their first application. If you want to develop…

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