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Healthcare mobile app development company
Healthcare Mobile App Development a Smart Approach for Patient-centric App by Top Healthcare App Developers

17 Apr 2018

Why focus on patient engagement? The evidence is overwhelming that healthcare providers who engage with their patients and caregivers have dramatically better outcomes. Healthcare mobile app development is the best approach for accomplishing this it offers a streamlined, digital experience that is not only patient-friendly but also high-impact in terms of the business value and…

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On Demand App Development for Startups: Strategy & Steps

11 Apr 2018

With 2.6 billion people using smartphones and over 77% carrying their devices in hand around 22 hours a day! The on-demand service is the next logical step for startups. Digitize your business with intelligent on-demand service apps is the best-in-class mobility solution for service and delivery business. From multi-million-dollar acquisition programs to startups launching their…

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Augmented reality in eCommerce shopping app development
What makes augmented reality useful for eCommerce store/shopping applications?

04 Apr 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) may not be as exciting as a virtual reality, but this new technology blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, and feel. It is proving very useful tool in our everyday lives. From social media apps to surgical procedures, and augmented reality eCommerce solutions…

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ecommerce app development
How Mobile App Development is Driving Growth for Ecommerce & Retail Shops

12 Mar 2018

With smartphones and mobile applications largely used by end users, there is no surprise in E-commerce and retail shops investing in mobile applications to appeal the online customers. Mobile ready websites are serving this purpose but the use of e-commerce mobile apps has increased. E-commerce mobile app development is the best option to stay tuned…

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location based app development
How Location-based Apps Solves the Problems of Small and Medium Businesses

31 Jan 2018

Have you ever searched a business nearby your location on Google or a location-based service apps? Have you ever typed restaurants, medical store or tools shop nearby? If yes, you have used location-based web apps, and this is becoming really popular recently, especially for a small business. Mobile phones have changed the way of marketing…

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on-demand app development
On-demand Apps: Types, How to build, and Cost to Design Development

18 Dec 2017

In less than a decade, we have seen a new kind of business model which has disrupted everything that we saw ever before! This business model has revolutionized the way people live their lives and the basic principles of Economics. The model is being termed as “On-Demand Service” or “On-Demand Economy” at large. According to…

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app development
How to Scale down Your Mobile App Development Cost

04 Dec 2017

When you want to build an app, the first thing that comes to your mind is – How much does it cost to build an app? How to reduce mobile app development cost? Even after digging into it for days, finding the answer to these question is difficult. Actually, it really is. The cost of…

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enterprise app development
Why are Enterprises slow in developing mobile apps, despite the demand?

13 Nov 2017

A survey conducted by Gartner reveals that more than 39% of global enterprises have not built, customized or virtualized any mobile apps in the last 12 months. On an average, those enterprises which have decided to get their enterprise app developed have deployed 8 mobile apps, another 2.6 mobile apps are currently being developed and…

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mobile app security tips
Enterprise Mobile App Security: Threats Types and Solutions

18 Sep 2017

While mobility in the enterprise is enabling dexterity and agility in the workspace, it is also introducing a number of troubling enterprise mobility security risks that provides back-door opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals. The fact of the matter is, despite agreeing to the widespread Enterprise Mobile app security threats, owners believe that there’s nothing much…

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android 8.0
Google Android 8.0 – Oreo: Everything You Need to Know About Next Generation of Android

06 Sep 2017

On March this year, a technological milestone was achieved that ended a long era, the era of windows dominance in the OS market. Google’s Android surpassed Microsoft Windows to become the most used operating system, according to web analytics firm StatCounter. While combining all the devices might still make you think Android is fighting a…

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technology solution
A Complete Guide to Adoption of a New Technological Solution

06 Sep 2017

Technology is something that empowers you by increasing your efficiency and decreasing your laborious work. It gives a competitive advantage especially to a small business that would need a lot of resources to survive in the tough market scenarios. A small business needs to have a well-designed system to ensure it could bear the jerks…

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employee app development
Mobile Apps: Digital Tool for Employee Engagement

02 Sep 2017

Your Employees want to be heard. Are you listening? According to a research, companies with engaged workers outperform their counterparts by 202%. It’s no secret that a satisfied, happy and motivated employee is more productive and more likely to stay loyal to the company for long. Digital tools like employee engagement apps are proving helpful…

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event app development
Use of Mobile Apps for Seamless Event Management

03 Jul 2017

For every event management company – saving time and providing the best experience for attendees are some of the top priority task and complicated too. Businesses where employees interact with customers, vendors and clients need to be equipped with the tools that allow them to be responsive. If event planners expect to keep their customers…

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Android Application Development
9 essentials for building Android Applications

27 Jan 2017

Building an Android App in 2017? Android applications have come a long way and now capture over 75% of application market. You imagine and a killer and potential money making ideas are created. That’s how it all starts with android application development. Anyone and everyone is developing an app these days, but only a select…

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Why should companies use Xamarin for enterprise app development?

16 Jan 2017

Xamarin is the next big thing in the Application development world. It has taken hybrid and cross-platform applications to a new level. So much so that, every 4th out of 10 apps in the works today is based on Xamarin. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows or hybrid and cross-platform, Xamarin app development can combine all…

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app monetization
How to make money with mobile apps

09 Nov 2016

As we go mobile with the gigantic amount of data consumption and costly mobile devices, an app becomes a must have player for every business. An app will keep your users updated with your latest products, services and virtually anything that your business has on offer. Just look at all the tech disruptions that have…

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