At i-Verve, we have skilled and certified Blockchain developers team, who are well-versed to discover the power of Blockchain technology in businesses and understands the in-depth what Blockchain is and how it can be implemented to build various Blockchain based applications.

Our Blockchain Service Offerings

Consulting & Assessment

Our premier Blockchain consulting services comprise of designing of operating model quite fit your core business, assessment, and evaluation of the architecture of your system and the integration of the same.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Development & Launch

When you as an enterprise, plan to launch your Initial Coin Offering, we assist you at every phase of the launch- be it token planning or the implementation and execution of your ICO campaign.

Development and Audit of Smart Contract

The Blockchain development phases at the i-Verve are so prudently taken care of that they are capable enough to generate a positive tone that will make your Blockchain application an applauding success.

Cryptocurrency & Wallet Development

Considering your requirements, the Blockchain developers at i-Verve are there to create the cryptocoins keeping in mind the algorithms of the decentralized cryptocurrencies that not only ensures a safe and hassle free transaction but also create a trustable wallet for transacting over different channels.

Private Blockchain

We, at i-Verve, develop customize Blockchain that will facilitate you to have an overall control of all the transactions carried out. We do take care of privacy, expectancy, and clean flow of the processes while developing applications based on the Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

The team of expert Blockchain application developers at i-Verve is the best at developing safe and customized software to cope with the buying, selling and exchange of the cryptocoins.

Blockchain Solution Benefits

Improved Bookkeeping

Improvised book-keeping in terms of real-time transactions,
record and data mining

Loyalty Services & Payments

Cost effective for both merchants and customers

Efficient Regulatory Compliance

Speedier financial data management and regulatory

Business Functions Automation

Automated functioning of the processes like accounts
receivables and payables

Instantaneous Settlement

Real-time payments for transactions requiring instant settlements

New Market capture

Opens up horizons of the new market

Industries Where Blockchain Technology is Playing a Revolutionary Role

Other Industries

Why i-Verve

Our Blockchain developers are the best in industry. We use Blockchain-based ledgers, custom tokens and smart contracts Develop with Data Stamping, Constellation Creation, Enriched Data and Services. Some of the reasons why businesses are opting for Blockchain development services by i-Verve.

  • Get started easily, our developers can start working on your project within 48 hr

  • Our experts has got commanding knowledge of the language & Multiple Technology-based developments

  • We have prove Blockchain application development skills & understanding

  • Our developers have got in-depth understanding of Blockchain, Smart Contracts & how it works for different industries

  • Completed multiple Blockchain project successfully

  • We help startups and professionals build their own Blockchain businesses with our knowledge

i-Verve always follows result driven working pattern backed by the use of latest technology has always placed us as the first choice of the clients across the globe. If you are small, medium or large enterprises struggling to identify the right talent to deploy on the Blockchain-based projects in-house. Than Talk to our experts and find out how Blockchain can transform critical aspects of your enterprise.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Blockchain Application?

Blockchain is a popular technology that has become very popular due to its adoption by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Blockchain technology has a great effect on the world, look at the one the most use cases of cryptocurrency. Blockchain app services have made cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc. It has made financial transactions more transparent and eliminate the additional bank fee.

Blockchain is mostly connected with the crypto application, crypto wallet, and more. Cryptocurrency Blockchain technology is used for mobile app development for reducing costs and securing data across various industries. When business owners or organization need to take the decision to build a Blockchain application, the first need to know is the cost of Blockchain application development. It’s very difficult to give an answer because it depends on various factors:

Factors to consider during Blockchain Application Development
  • Industry-wise Blockchain Application Development Cost
  • When building a Blockchain application, one major factor is to know which industry your business or Blockchain app belongs to. Below is the industry wise cost of Blockchain app development:

    1. Healthcare: $2000 to $5000
    2. On-Demand: $2500 to $10,000
    3. Social Media: $3000 to $7000
    4. Public Sector: $2000 to $6000
    5. Finance Sector: $4000 to $10,000
  • The complexity of the Blockchain App
  • The complexity of a Blockchain application determines its cost. Using Blockchain application development, you can get better service. Some more factors affect Blockchain application development cost.

    Consensus Mechanism

    Every Blockchain system uses a specific consensus, and Mechanism allows all users for transactions. For instance: Bitcoin uses proof of work and some other cryptocurrency use proof of stack, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Elapsed Time, Federated, etc. You need to know and judge which is the ideal based option for your project. If you are thinking of developing a new website in this technology, please consult leading Blockchain app Development Company.


    There are many platforms on which you can build a Blockchain application without beginning from scratch, including Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, BigChainDB, etc…


    Every platform has a different language set and tools. Each stack has its own advantages and limitations. You should focus on advantages and limitations and choose the right stack for your Blockchain development project.


    You might require API integration for building a Blockchain app. API can be used for some cases like performing data, generating address, storing data, and more.

    UI / UX

    When all backed things are decided, the next step is to make a UI and here you will decide the right frontend programming language and database for your app and you will have to choose a server for your app. Above mentioned factors are decided to the know the complexity of Blockchain app and the cost of Blockchain application development may be defined as below:

  • Low Complexity Blockchain Application cost – $5k to $7k
  • Medium Complexity Blockchain Application cost -$7k to $10k
  • Cost of High Complexity Blockchain Apps – $10k+

If you want to get your Blockchain app development project estimation from us, then please contact us.


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