9 essentials for building Android Applications

Building an Android App in 2017? Android applications have come a long way and now capture over 75% of application market. You imagine and a killer and potential money making ideas are created. That’s how it all starts with android application development. Anyone and everyone is developing an app these days, but only a select few gets stand out and actually generate ROI and make money.

Many apps despite having great potential do not lift off just because they don’t follow basic mobile app rules. Most new and some experienced app developers need proper guidance on what steps to take and what not to do when creating an app.

Here are the top 9 hacks you should follow to build amazing android applications.

  1. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – Android Developer Console

    Setting up and SDK and installing and IDE is the first step in app development. There are numerous android developer options available to choose your IDE from. Nowadays, users are more inclined towards using the Android studio as it is amazingly easy to use and master. With features like auto corrections and XML file previews, it’s tutorials on YouTube can help you with your first steps of application development.

  2. Know android programming and coding languages

    Building an Android app requires knowledge of two major skills/languages Java and Android. Java is the core language used in Android and requires learning XML for the design and concepts of programming in Java. Once you learn XML (it’s easy and you can do it on the go) and Java, you will need to learn how to connect them using Android principals, which is very easy once you learn basics.

    1. You can still write Java code even if you don’t know the coding and create applications without Java using Hybrid apps. You can use JavaScripts, CSS and HTML to create Android apps.  If you’re not so technically sound then you can outsource the complete app development process to a reliable app development company or hire android app developers.

    2. Utilize suitable libraries

      Libraries are an essential part of the app development process for beginners and experts. There are many third-party libraries you can utilize in the source code of your app as repeating the same source code is ill-advisable. To avoid this blunder, every dedicated android app developer uses libraries that enhance functionality and infuses the latest technology in their apps. Each library serves a different purpose and you should carefully consider before using it. If you’re outsourcing an android app development company, then chose dedicated and experienced app developers to build your app.

    3. Clean and organized app code

      Every app developer has his unique style in which he uses coding, CSS and HTML to build apps. They also use different techniques and processes for app development. So, sometimes it becomes tricky to understand the code written by another person if you have to maintain that app or fix a bug or simply want to enhance the application.

      Therefore, you must adhere to android coding standards and rules when you develop your app.

    4. Eye catchy Application Icon Design

      Creating killer apps require killer designs. Usually, a user judges the quality of your app within the first 30 seconds. So, if you’ve not paid attention to how your app looks, then it will be a failure, period.In order to make your app appealing, use solid and linear icons that justifies your theme and branding. On top of that, images or colors that you use, consider them carefully, as they will make or break your dream run to success.

    5. Usability and Navigation – App UI Design

    1. Your app will be of no use if it does not have proper navigation for users. It needs to have the proper call to action (CTA) buttons, links and menu with attractive icons at prime spots for users to navigate through your applications. There are umpteen examples available where an app couldn’t get a lift off due to unstructured and unorganized navigation. Also, please ensure to pack your app with relevant features for users. Including sharing functionality with a photo capture app is good but clubbing it with racing car game is stupidity. Stay focused and stay relevant with better user flow across your app.

    2. Use readily available communities for help

      The one greatest thing about Android app developers is that they have a vibrant, thriving and constantly updated community. They run blogs and help each other out when stuck with a bug or problem. As Android is an open source platform, it makes all the more easier for developers to fix a common or unique issue by posting it online or reading through readily available material posted by many thousands of experienced android developers.You can take a look at communities like Android community, Reddit, XDA developers etc. Moreover, they not only help with mobile apps but also with your desktop widgets, wearable technology apps, desktop simulators and latest updates on many different devices and impending updates.

    3. Using Android App Development Tools

      There are hundreds of free and paid tools like Eclipse, Genymotion, Fluid UI, App icon etc. Then there are testing and debug tools to which simulate devices and usage for your app like the Uberstarter, Debug Bridge, Logcat etc. which will help you troubleshoot potential bugs and errors in your app. You should also keep a quality checklist for your app and run beta testing before you submit your app for worldwide publishing on Google play.

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Google Play submission

Submitting and publishing your application on Google play is the last and most vital assignment of an android app maker. Once you’ve published your app, there’s no reverse process. So, choose the timing, application category and content rating for your app. You will also need to determine a country wide distribution of your app along with its overall size and pricing (if any) of your application. These attributes will determine your applications overall visibility and success on Google play.

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Google regularly provides new updates to the OS and with the latest being Nougat, it is advisable to get yourself regularly updated with the latest changes. There are many experts who publish regular blogs to the wider world about the latest changes in minute details.

What Next?

A great new idea is all you need to take your organization to the upper echelons of successes. If you’re an enterprise or a start-up looking to develop an app that can turn your idea into an amazing application, then companies like i-Verve can help you.