Instant Applications – What are they and why are they popular?

Grab your mobile phone and see how many apps you have. How many apps did you download and used just it for once? You may have a few mobile apps that you never used again.

Won’t it be a good idea to have apps on Google Play Store that can be downloaded by users without even downloading it? Android Instant Apps are specifically designed to run instantly, offering an amazing experience and content or features to the users without the need of installing the app first. First introduced in 2016, Instant Apps have become widely adopted by users and developers all over the world.

Users can get instant access to such apps in 2 different ways:

  • Users can click “Try now” on the Google Play Store
  • They can click the URL and jump to the specific platform within an instant app

In simple words, Instant Apps are the lite version of Android apps. Users can get access to all the features without downloading the app. According to a recent research, Instant applications result in an increase in ROI for ecommerce platforms. Hire Android App Developers for your custom android app development project.

Who should opt for Instant App development?

Startups and small business owners who want to penetrate the market easily with minimal investment can opt for instant Android applications. Such apps help you get more exposure and a wider user base. Even larger enterprises can opt for instant app development services to provide a better user experience and increase discoverability.

What are the benefits of building instant apps?

1. Greater exposure

Getting a wide user base is a challenge for most of the startups. With instant apps, users can try the app before downloading. Hence, users who would be interested in your products or services would download your app. You would get a wider exposure with such apps. You can spread the word about your new instant app over social media platforms and grab the attention of the users.

2. User Acquisition

Imagine that you’re driving to a new city and you need a parking app for finding the right place to park your car. You try building an on demand app for the task. Such apps are called instant apps, which can be used to attract users to your app, and allow them to complete the tasks, without forcing them to download your application.

3. Better User experience

Ecommerce businesses can benefit greatly with instant apps. Your users may be turned off if your mobile app does not provide a good user experience. Shopping via mobile web page can be a nightmare for the shoppers. Instant apps offer great solution for helping customers search products they are looking for. Startups can leverage the benefits of instant applications and offer a great shopping experience to the users.

4. Increase Discoverability

Instant apps allow your app content become accessible outside your app. Users are able to find your business. As your app can be searched in the search results just like other websites on the internet, instant apps increase the traffic by increasing the discoverability of your app. Instant apps increase traffic and help you get new customers.

5. Improve user retention

Media and entertainment apps often struggle with making users select two main options – mobile web and native app.

Users may download their app for a specific feature but when the users need to free up space from their mobile device, unimportant apps go out first. Poorly optimized ads can slow down the page and kill your app user experience.

Instant apps offer great experience and build trust among the users. Users will be tempted to use such mobile apps. You can offer easy-to-use options, and you can expect more users to stick around your services.

6. Beat the competition

With instant apps, you can stand out of the competition. By offering a great user experience for your application, you can make it easier for the users to stick to using your app. So, what’re you waiting for? Stay ahead in the race with instant apps and make your business grow.

Plus, they are very easy to implement. All you need to do is look for an expert instant app development company to help you get innovative solutions to help your business grow.

How to build the best instant app?

Now, that you’re aware of the advantages of instant apps, it’s time to think of some innovative ideas to create unique apps for your business. Google recommends using “Material Design for Android” guidelines for designing an instant app. Let’s consider the following things while developing android apps:

1. Maintain Consistency

It is very important that your instant app has an awesome UI as compared to a normal app. This would avoid any inconsistencies in UX and ensure a uniform look and feel throughout your journey. You can expect higher user base and customer satisfaction with instant apps as they offer a great consistency across the app.

2. Delay Signing

There’s no point in asking a user to sign up for using an instant app. Instant apps break the barriers to entry to your application. You should delay the signup process so that users do not get turned off. It can be a great idea to remove the sign up option completely if possible.

3. Social sharing

Social sharing is one of the major reasons why business owners are inclined towards building instant apps. You should make it easier for the users to share the app. You can include sharing buttons at prominent places and offer awesome reasons to compel them to share the options.

Concluding Thoughts

Android Instant Apps make web and app grow closer and more intertwined. Don’t be surprised if Apple also offers this option of instant apps for the users. Instant apps can be a good option for startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for growth opportunities. As instant apps are friction less option, they can grow their business with the help of instant Android app development and deliver a flawless experience to the users. Start contacting top Android app development companies to guide you through it and get started. i-Verve is a leading android app development company, can help you convert your unique idea into an outstanding instant app to skyrocket your sales and improve your profits within no time. Contact us for your requirements and we would be glad to assist you with the best solutions.