Why Should Companies Invest in Serverless Apps for Their Business?

Are you looking for a server to host your website? A traditional server is used to host your website and also deliver them to the user’s browser. If you plan to invest in for enterprise sized servers, you may have to spend thousands of dollars. Along with these heavy expenses, you will have to spend money for hiring a staff of engineers to manage the servers.

Imagine that your website’s server is not capable of handling the increased load. What would you do? You may have to either purchase another server or replace the existing one with a better model. If you wish to expand, you will have to increase your web server’s capacity, which means you’ll have to shelve another few dollars to solve the heavy load on your website. Publically available services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda functions and cloud hosted databases can help you save a lot of money and manage your websites easily. These methods are exceptionally expensive in terms of both hardware costs and man power expenses.

Why Change?

You may say that you are happy with your existing architecture as it meets all the requirements, then why should you switch to serverless architecture?

Well, there can be several reasons why one should opt for serverless applications.

Serverless app is the new buzzword of the town and it’s been gaining a lot of popularity since the last few years. The cloud vendors in the tech industry have hyped this architecture, and that time is not so far when we shall find services architecture everywhere. It’s not just the hype, it promises ideal business implementations and will surely be the next big thing in the cloud paradigm.

Amazon Web Services has also gained popularity since the last few years. It introduced Lambda platform that has helped many small and large businesses implement, maintain, debug, and monitor the infrastructure. Giants such as Airbnb, Reuters, AOL, Telenor, BBC, Nike, and Netflix have been early adopters of this architecture. It sounds quite pleasant to the entrepreneurs’ years and is light on the budget also. Sounds relieving, isn’t it?

Why build a Serverless application?

If you are looking for building a modern application without writing a lot of code and digging a hole in your pocket, serverless apps can be the best option. Website or mobile app owners will not have to think about configuring or managing the servers with serverless applications. It helps to reduce the infrastructure management burden and helps business owners get faster time-to-market.

With serverless apps, one can build modern apps with improved agility and reduced cost of ownership. Developers can focus on their core product as they do not have to worry about managing and operating servers or run times in cloud or on-premises. It helps to reduce the overhead costs and saves a lot of time and energy required to build great scalable products that are reliable and highly secure. Entrepreneurs can focus on achieving their business goals, and a lot of prolific efforts can be channelized in the right direction for managing complex infrastructure.

1. No Server Management – You’ll not have to maintain any servers when you opt for serverless apps. You would not require any additional software to manage.

2. Flexible Scaling – You can scale up your application automatically or adjust its capacity without running through different server units.

3. Cost Effective – Serverless apps are considered to be low cost and low maintenance options. It’s cheaper to run such apps for which you need to pay only per request.

4. Automated Availability – These apps have built-in availability and fault tolerance. One does not need to architect serverless apps as the services running the app offer them by default.

What are the benefits of Serverless applications for businesses?

Being event-driven cloud-based systems, serverless apps work on a mix of third part services, cloud hosted procedures, and client-side logic. Rather than spending a lot of money on data centers and servers, you can opt for serverless apps and pay only for how much you consume.

With cloud computing, you can achieve a lower variable cost and save a lot of money in the long run. You can also increase the speed and agility with serverless applications. You can deploy your serverless application in multiple regions around the world with a few clicks. This means that you can deliver an enhanced user experience to your customers with minimal costs.

The main reason why small and large scale enterprises are switching to serverless applications is reduced operational costs for infrastructure and human resources, time saving, and serverless back end is managed and handled by a third party. Salability is another added advantage of such apps.

As the companies would not have to dedicate their time and resources for developing or managing their own servers, they can focus on improving customer service. Get in touch with us to get more information