Why Build On Demand Handyman App Like Uber for Handyman?

Take your home services business online with home services on demand apps/website. Getting a skilled handyman to help them within in hours is what people expect, just like Jason and Samantha. They moved into their new house, but there were a few things in the kitchen they wanted to change. As it was a new locality, they did not know any local contractors, nor could they ask for recommendations from the neighbors as they didn’t know anyone personally. They looked for an app to help them hire the best professionals for the job. After booking an appointment through an on-demand app, an expert visited their home and fixed the issue.

“Building powerful and robust handyman mobile application fully loaded with rich features ensures to bring maximum revenues for your online business. The on-demand handyman application build by us that is solving the problem on a single click of the user is gaining attention globally.”

Thinking uber-type app for getting a handyman?

Whether you need to fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom or remodel your kitchen, you can hire the best professionals from on demand apps and get the task completed without any hassle. On-demand apps for handyman have become a common trend these days; they help the users save a lot of time, money, and efforts. When you do not know whom to contact for repairing or cleaning jobs, it is a safer and reliable option to use on handyman app like Uber. Gone are the days when one had to browse through the internet for such contractors, talk to a few, check the licenses and hire the professionals. Nowadays, with on demand apps, you can hire someone within less than an hour and get the job completed in the next hour. Supply-demand gap, lack of time, trust gap, and delays in delivery are some of the major reasons why people choose on demand applications.

Startups, as well as established big enterprises, are coming up with ideas to build on demand apps to bridge the gap between service providers and users. Such apps have been revolutionizing the mobile commerce domain in several ways.

How did on demand app make Charles happy?

Charles called up his friend Nick on a Sunday morning as he had some problem in his bathroom.

Charles: “Hey Nick. I am sorry to disturb you on Sunday. But I need your help. My bathroom is choked up and I am looking for a plumber. Do you know anyone around?”

Nick: “Good morning Charles. I do not know any plumber nearby. Sorry. Why don’t you download TaskRabbit and look for someone?”

Charles: “Thanks. Let me try that. Have a good day. Bye.”

Nick: “You too Charles.”

Charles downloaded the app and hired a plumber from TaskRabbit. Within 2 hours, his problem was solved.

Whether you have a clogged drain or a broken window in your house, you can hire a handyman with the help of on-demand apps. Such mobile apps have a list of professional experts and skilled workers to do the job.

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How to build on demand handyman app?

If you are planning to build an on-demand app for handyman business, you need to understand the problems faced by common people. Step into their shoes and understand how you can make their lives easier.

Top features for the handyman on demand app development that startups can conside

We’ve rounded up top features that to develop an app like Uber for the handyman and get it into the Apple App Store and Google Store.

Allows finding handyman nearby

This is a major feature of an on-demand app for the handyman. No carpenter or plumber would travel 300 miles for the job. Hence, it is important to allow app users to connect with nearby handyman professionals. Users should be able to connect with a number of handy workers such as on demand carpenters, electrician, mechanic, plumber, cleaner, packers and movers, and more. A single app should have all sorts of handyman services.

Transparent pricing

Your app should maintain complete transparency with the users. No user would be happy to know the hidden charges for the repairs or cleaning services. They should be able to get all the minute details such as service charge, estimation, and cancellation charges before they choose to hire. Think of all the aspects a user can require when he needs to hire a handyman and offer the features to simplify and ease the process of hiring on demand handyman. Try downloading some of the other competitor apps to understand what features they provide. Make your app stand out from the other apps by offering something unique to the users and service providers.

Multiple Payment Methods

If you create an app for home services, you should provide multiple payment methods to the users. Think of seamless payment methods that offer great convenience to the users. Even a layman should be able to understand the payment options and make payments online. If you provide just one payment method, it can damage your brand reputation as you would be able to pull only a few customers then.

The app users should be able to pay via debit or credit card also. Gone are the days when users had to transfer the money for the services. Think of integrating secure and trusted payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

Live Tracking

This unique feature enables the users to track the handyman in real-time. They can get detailed reports about the activities of a handyman. Once the handyman accepts the job, the user can track the movement of the professional and know how much time it will take to reach the location.

Customer Loyalty Programs

This can be one of the major reasons why users should stick to your services of on demand mobile application. Sending promo codes and discounts to the users can be a great way to attract them for repeated business. Use push notifications to notify the users about offers and referral code features to draw more users to your app.

Schedule appointments

The users should be able to make the bookings instantly or schedule the appointments as per their convenience. Some app users may expect immediate help while some others may prefer to call the handyman at a later time or date. Offer an option to make bookings in advance and schedule it for a later date or time.

App Approval on play stores

When you assign us your app development project, we not only commit to delivering the world-class app but also ensures the launching of your app on google play store and iOS store. Standard, Optimized and ethical method of development is what our highly skilled developers follow and stick to, and we complete work and code considering the play store guidelines.

Advantages of Handyman App for an End-user –

  • Saves time
  • Saves Money in the long run
  • Easy to Search, Easy to Hire
  • Increases accessibility
  • Verified handyman service providers
  • Cashless payment assistance
  • On-demand availability

Benefits of Launching a Handyman App for an Entrepreneur and Startups –

  • Higher revenues can be gained with the on-demand model growing popularity
  • Startup costs will be low if you have tools and equipment
  • Easy to use and auto operations with tech-powered model
  • Startups could have the potential for high profits
  • Startups can decide their niche and focus on any one commercial or residential services
  • Opens the multiple revenue options like service commission, appointment fees, onboarding fees, convenience charges
  • Business can become brand and services can be spread all over the market having the mobile app
  • Work as per the availability
  • Service Providers can get paid within 72 hours
  • The apps use location too to offer quick, affordable and on-demand service.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Uber for Handyman

There are some factors that every customer wants to know to understand the app development costing and that too Uber-like app. The price of the app development vary with the platforms you intend your app to support AndroidiOS or Web, the development time needed to custom and create an app, number of features you want for your application, design complexity, targetted platforms, backend app development, product management and so on.

The reason why the cost varies is the application development process is complex and the price would add with your complex need and addition to the app as the final cost of the development depends largely on a number of experts, professionals, and technologies involved in it. However, an expert opinion will help you to ensure everything from scratch to launch.

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Wrap Up
If you’re a startup wanting to give a bit of jump start to your on demand app, you should think of unique ways to grab the attention of users locally. Develop an app that solves users’ problems and makes their life easier. Being a leading on demand app development companyi-Verve can help you get the best on demand app for the handyman (Handyman Field Service App and Handyman Management App‎) for iPhone and Android platforms. We deliver scalable web and mobile app development solutions for clients.